HTML5 & Mobile Video Formats: The Next Era of Website Video Integration

If you visit a website containing integrated video, more likely than not, Adobe Flash is the video format of choice. This technology however, presents a problem for the hordes of Internet-enabled mobile device users unable to view Flash-based video. And now, with Apple®’s decision to forgo the pursuit of eventual Flash compatibility on the iPhone® and iPad®, web developers must look for a comparable video alternative or risk losing a large and growing audience of mobile device users. The solution rests in HTML5, the next evolution of Hypertext Markup Language and AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, is the mobile device web and application developer ready to leverage this emerging technology for your organization’s advantage.

Why Format Web Video for Mobile Phone & Mobile Device Use?

Video holds a central role in today’s web content. From entertaining viral clips to informative product demonstrations, for many, video is as integral to an overall web presentation as words and images. However, when Flash-based video is accessed on a number of mobile devices, such as the iPhone® and iPad®, viewers are left with nothing more than an incompatibility message – a concerning reality for organizations boasting Flash- and video-rich websites. With the emergence of sophisticated Smartphones and portable devices that rival the features of desktops and laptops, the way in which individuals access and view the web is shifting. As a result, web developers are forced to reevaluate their developmental preferences, including how to make web videos mobile, Smartphone, iPad®, and iPhone® ready.

Using HTML5, AppleSavvy™ develops video-rich websites that are free of plug-in reliance for a mobile viewing experience that is on par with that experienced using a desktop or laptop. Choose AppleSavvy™, the mobile web and application developers, and format video for…

  • Engaging mobile eCommerce presentations: Showcase the features of a product or service with informative videos formatted not only for desktop and laptop viewing, but for iPhone®, iPad®, and Smartphone use.
  • Promotional and marketing: Strengthen brand awareness and reach by sharing effective marketing video with a captive mobile audience.
  • Educational purposes: Explain what cannot be expressed easily and clearly with words with instructional videos that are iPhone®, iPad®, and Smartphone ready.

Powerful, video-rich presentations do not have to be reserved only for traditional desktop and laptop use; partner with AppleSavvy™ and reach a rapidly growing mobile audience with engaging video. For additional information concerning our capabilities in mobile web development and video formatting technologies, contact AppleSavvy™ today: 215-355-6442 or