iPad®-ready Interactive Websites

Interactive websites can inspire and motivate users. The best ones compel users to return to them time after time. For years Adobe® Flash® software has been the industry standard for interactive authoring and delivery of immersive virtual experiences. However, interactive websites created with Flash® do not display well on the iPhone® or iPad®, two of Apple®’s most popular high-tech mobile gadgets. AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, can design and develop multimedia sites for mobile devices that deliver the same immersive experience your desktop users are accustomed to and that give users a new way to interact – one that they’ve never experienced before.

Delivering an Interactive “Desktop” Web Experience on the iPad® and the iPhone®

The mobile web browser for the iPad® is Safari. This browser supports the latest web standards, including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The interactive website developers at AppleSavvy™ know how to use these and other advanced graphics technologies to build interactive web experiences that look and function beautifully on the iPad® just as they would on a desktop computer. AppleSavvy™ developers can smoothly move the user interface tools around the screen, fade them in and out, and add effects – all with just a few lines of code.

Creating New Touch-enabled Interactive Web Experiences

The iPad® comes with the option of an external keyboard, however, the primary means of interacting with web content is through touch. Rather than using a mouse, mobile users are now able to interact with your website directly with their fingers. This creates new opportunities for touch-enabled interfaces – not to mention presents an incredible breakthrough for the kinesthetic learner. When building interactive websites that are compatible with the iPhone® or iPad®, AppleSavvy™ will work with you to conceptualize ways in which you can utilize touch navigation to your advantage. Whether it’s a series of individual selections or dragging, scrolling, and/or moving objects within a predefined space, users will feel physically connected to your web content and visually stimulated by creative transition animations.

At AppleSavvy™, we know what it takes to build iPhone- and iPad-ready interactive websites as all-encompassing virtual environments. By adjusting the code, we can create a website for the iPhone® that will detect and change the content based on the phone’s orientation. By using an HTML5 video player, we can integrate engaging video in an iPad-viewable format. All this is possible and so much more. AppleSavvy™ interactive iPhone® and iPad® website developers are truly limited only by the imagination.