AppleSavvy™ Turns Flash-Heavy Problems into iPad® and iPhone® Friendly Solutions

While many websites incorporate bits and pieces of Flash, such as a video, animation, or banner, some websites include an inordinate amount of Flash. For many years, this type of development provided great interactive and engaging web presences. Now thanks to changing technology and the inability for Adobe Flash to play on the Apple® iPad® and iPhone®, a website heavy on Flash can detract from the user experience.

AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, offers advanced iPad® and iPhone® friendly conversion services that take your Flash-heavy website from incompatible to compatible, while retaining, and potentially, increasing the user experience. Regardless of how much Flash is integrated in your website, whether it’s animations, videos, banners, or combination of everything, AppleSavvy™ will develop a reformatting plan that makes your website display loud and clear on the iPad®, iPhone®, and other Smartphones.

Convert Any Site to an iPad® and iPhone® Compatible Format with AppleSavvy™

There are many reasons Flash may be integrated into your website, and the level of incompatibility varies. In some instances, visitors viewing from an iPad® or iPhone® will see just a few holes where videos and animations should be, while in other cases an entire page may not display.

As an interactive developer, AppleSavvy™ has the tools to get your website on the iPad® and iPhone® track. Here are just a few of possible Flash-heavy scenarios, which AppleSavvy™ helps address:

  • A Flash-based video network integrated onto your website. Embedding video is a great way to engage visitors and grab attention, but it loses impact when some viewers can’t see it. AppleSavvy™ solves the problem by converting videos into a compatible format and designing an engaging presentation to house the videos.
  • An interactive introduction. Whether it’s a series of animations or an overlay of a map displaying in real time, interactive introductions serve as effective tools to draw visitors into the site and get them interested in learning more. With Flash conversion services from AppleSavvy™, all visitors, regardless of the browsing device, can enjoy the experience.

Product demonstrations. Thoroughly explaining products and displaying them in an interesting way can be a challenge. Product demonstrations provide a visually appealing and informative solution, but if visitors cannot view them, then they’re missing out on valuable information. AppleSavvy™ converts Flash-based product demonstrations so they’re iPad® or iPhone® friendly.

AppleSavvy™ Offers Full-Service Solutions for iPad® and iPhone® Incompatibility

From converting Flash-heavy websites to developing custom Apps, AppleSavvy™ is a full-service interactive developer that offers state-of-the-art solutions. Make sure all visitors see what you have to offer in the way you intended with Adobe Flash conversion services from AppleSavvy™ for the iPad® and iPhone®.

Make sure your website is compatible. Turn AppleSavvy™ for advanced reformatting services. Contact us today to find out how we can make your website iPad® and iPhone® friendly.