AppleSavvy™ Helps your Website get Interactive on the iPad® or iPhone® Too

Interactive websites have many uses, from serving as exceptional educational tools, to acting as fun and entertaining presentations. As an interactive developer, AppleSavvy™ , a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising builds all forms of interactive websites, and we make them iPad® and iPhone® friendly too. With Adobe Flash conversion services from AppleSavvy™, you keep that interactive experience intact while ensuring everyone is able to see your website, even if they’re browsing from an  iPad® or iPhone®.

You don’t have to forgo an interactive website presentation just because Flash doesn’t run on mobile Apple® devices, like the iPad® and iPhone®. AppleSavvy™ takes Flash videos, animations, banners, and more, and converts them to a compatible format. Have your interactive experience and let the Apple® mobile users view it too, with AppleSavvy™ Flash conversion services.

AppleSavvy™ has an App for iPad® and iPhone® friendly Interactive Sites

In addition to converting websites to be iPad® and iPhone® friendly, AppleSavvy™ builds compatible websites from scratch, along with custom Apps development. For some highly interactive websites that include an integrated mix of video, animations, narration, text, and other features, such as a virtual medical simulation, a custom App is the best option. AppleSavvy™ develops engaging and easy-to-use Apps that allow you to offer highly interactive and integrated presentations that are available to viewers on nearly all browsing platforms, including the iPad®, iPhone®, and Smartphones.

By providing interactive web platforms that are available universally, you’re increasing the effectiveness of your efforts, providing a much more inclusive experience, and broadening your reach. AppleSavvy™ helps you to connect to all target audiences, while offering the same high quality level of web presentation. Create a truly immersive experience for all visitors, by converting your website to an iPad® and iPhone® compatible format with AppleSavvy™.

Interactive and Compatible Website Solutions from AppleSavvy™

As an interactive developer, AppleSavvy™ is able to create any level of interactive web experience for mobile devices, by converting integrated Flash videos and animations to a compatible format, building iPad® or iPhone® friendly websites from scratch, and developing custom Apps.

AppleSavvy™ has the solution you need to offer interactive experiences to all audiences. Contact us today to get started.