Create Excellent User Experiences with iPad® and iPhone® Friendly Reformatting from AppleSavvy™

The fact that Flash doesn’t run on the iPad® and iPhone® presents a problem. AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has a solution. If your website includes Flash banners, animations, videos, or other interactive Flash pieces, there’s no need to build an entirely new website from scratch. AppleSavvy™ offers conversion services to reformat a website to an iPad® and iPhone® friendly platform.

Whether your site incorporates large amounts of Flash or just a few pieces, AppleSavvy™ works with you to determine the best solution. As a full-service interactive developer, we have many capabilities at our fingertips, which makes converting existing sites to be compatible with the iPad® and iPhone® easy. If your existing site incorporates Flash in any form, don’t worry. AppleSavvy™ helps you create an iPad® and iPhone® friendly presentation that’s engaging, grabs attention, and retains the user experience.

Make your Website iPad® and iPhone® Compatible Today with AppleSavvy™

Using HTML 5,  JQuery, Theora, and other compatible programs, AppleSavvy™ transforms existing websites from incompatible to iPad® and iPhone® friendly. Each website is unique, and much like our custom-development process, AppleSavvy™ develops a solution based on the individual problem. Converting everything from Flash banners, videos, animations, and more, AppleSavvy™ ensures iPad®, iPhone®, and Smartphone users don’t miss out on the experience.

Instead of waiting and anticipating what affect the Apple® and Flash incompatibility will have on your website, take action now with reformatting services from AppleSavvy™. By converting your website to a compatible format, you retain the same web presence, user experience, and overall goals. AppleSavvy™ makes it easy to adapt to the latest technologies.

iPad® and iPhone® Friendly Services from AppleSavvy™ Meet Every Need

In addition to the Flash video, animation, audio, banner, and other interactive Flash conversion services offered by AppleSavvy™, we also build compatible websites from scratch and develop custom Apps. Regardless of your needs, wants, and overall goals, AppleSavvy™ has the solution.

Choose an interactive developer, focused on innovation and unique user experiences. Contact AppleSavvy™ today to find out about our website reformatting and iPad® and iPhone® friendly conversion services.