AppleSavvy™ Keeps your Website Functioning on the iPad® or iPhone® and Beyond

Flash videos, banners, and animations aren’t the only things that won’t display on the iPad® or iPhone®. Menu systems, user interfaces, navigation tools, and more are all affected by Abobe Flash not running on Apple® mobile devices. This potential loss of functionality could be disastrous, meaning visitors aren’t just at risk of losing out on the user experience; they may not be able to view the website at all.

AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, can restore function, converting your website so it’s iPad® or iPhone® friendly. AppleSavvy™ develops the right solution for any pieces of your website that might be incompatible, to help you provide the best user experience. By not converting your website, you risk alienating a certain section of your audience. AppleSavvy™ gives you form and function in an iPad® or iPhone® compatible package.

Flash Conversion Services for Website Functionality from AppleSavvy™

While videos, banners, and animations might come to mind when trying to determine which pieces of your site won’t display properly on Apple® mobile devices, you should also be considering the platform the site was built on. There are many ways in which Adobe Flash can be integrated onto a website. Some examples of website functionality that can be lost on an iPad® or iPhone® include:

  • Menu systems. While attractive, intuitive, and comprehensive, your menu system could be Flash-based, which means if a user is browsing from an iPad® or iPhone®, they may be unable to navigate the website. AppleSavvy™ utilizes many different types of programs and software to create compatible menu systems that are just as intuitive and user-friendly.
  • User interface. The environment in which your website is housed could be Flash-based as well. This includes any design or structural elements, like how the pages are organized, videos are embedded, and information is presented. Without a compatible user interface, your users may not be able to view your website at all. Working with you step-by-step, AppleSavvy™ will determine a conversion plan that takes all of the information, messages, and website components and reformats them into a compatible platform.
  • Supplementary functions. Sometimes, especially in the case of interactive or educational websites, additional tools are integrated into the website to heighten the user experience, such as a scrub bar or rollover. These functions are often important to the overall fluidity of the site, and are implemented as much for design purposes as structural. The loss of these functions could make for a confusing, cumbersome, and difficult user experience. With AppleSavvy™, you can create the same effect with iPad® or iPhone® applications.

Retain Function with iPhone® Friendly Services from AppleSavvy™

If a website loses its functionality, the user experience is threatened, and visitors are lost. Don’t let your website crumble to pieces because it’s incompatible with the iPad® or iPhone®. Turn to AppleSavvy™ for innovative conversion services.

A full-service developer, AppleSavvy™ creates compatible websites from scratch and develops custom Apps. We meet all needs. Contact AppleSavvy™ today and take the first step toward an iPad® or iPhone® friendly website.