Retaining User Experience on the Mobile Web

As the sales of Smartphones like the iPhone® and mobile devices like the iPad® skyrocket, it’s becoming clear that people are using mobile technology not just to talk, but to browse the Web, listen to music, watch videos, play games, send email and text messages, and so much more. Nielsen data indicates that mobile websites deliver an average 13 percent increase in audience reach over purely PC-based traffic. While these numbers continue to climb, it seems a no-brainer that a mobile website is critical to your business growth. Despite this potential, however, a key fact remains: overall, mobile users are browsing the mobile Web with performance expectations created by the wired Web and are being very disappointed by the experience.

Why the Mobile Web Experience is Disappointing Users

There are many reasons for the mobile Web experience to fall short of expectations. For one, the screen size is significantly smaller, turning navigation of most websites into a battle with the scroll bar. For another, touch-enabled operation can turn what should be seamless content selections into a clumsy process. With an already limited user experience, Apple® throws another kink in the pipeline by refusing to run Adobe® Flash® on the iPad® and iPhone®, leaving large empty spaces on mobile websites where Flash® was used to create motion graphics, banners, presentations, and animations.

How AppleSavvy™ Mobile Website Solutions can Help

AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, can help you reformat your existing corporate or medical website so that it is iPhone® and iPad® compatible and mobile Web ready. Our mobile website developers will work with you to understand the structure of your website. With a solid grasp of your desktop users’ expectations, we may recommend reformatting your corporate or medical website so that it is compatible (or mobile Web ready) with today’s high-tech mobile gadgets. Or our developers may propose a new iPhone®/iPad® website design that is optimized for the best possible mobile web experience. Using a combination of technologies, such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS+, and more, we’re able to program even the most complicated and dynamic websites to perform to the highest expectations.

Leave your mobile users with a good impression of your business by providing them with an exceptional mobile website experience: contact AppleSavvy™ for the mobile website solutions you need to succeed.