Get Animated with iPad® and iPhone® Compatible Solutions from AppleSavvy™

When it comes to online animations, Adobe Flash is typically the standard. With the inability for Flash to play on the iPad® and iPhone®, that presents a problem. If your website incorporates a 2D or 3D Flash animation of any kind, then you need AppleSavvy™. A division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, AppleSavvy™ creates iPad® and iPhone® animations that will play on most other Smartphones as well. Animations are a great way to immerse visitors in the experience; they can be fun and educational. Let your website live up to its full potential with conversion and development services from AppleSavvy™.

Depending on the type of Flash animation on your website, AppleSavvy™ may be able to convert it into a compatible format. Even if converting an existing animation isn’t possible, AppleSavvy™ can develop a high-quality animation that’s iPad® and iPhone® friendly and plays on nearly all Smartphones. For more interactive Flash presentations, we develop custom Apps. No matter your need, AppleSavvy™ makes your website a little more animated.

AppleSavvy™ Delivers the Detail you Want in an iPad® and iPhone® Friendly Format

Flash may be the predominant standard in 2D and 3D animation, but you can still have a detailed and attention-grabbing animation. As an interactive developer, AppleSavvy™ offers a full range of capabilities and technologies, all in-house. Like with Flash banners, and videos, we easily convert existing animations or create new compatible presentations from scratch.

Animations make a perfect addition to any website, and with AppleSavvy™, you can be sure all visitors, regardless of the browsing device they’re using, are benefiting from the experience. Some possible uses for an animation include:

  • To break down a complex procedure or process. It’s not always easy to demonstrate certain situations in real life, especially in the medical and healthcare field. Animations offer a perfect solution, and when developed so they’re compatible with nearly all Smartphones, provide a great on-the-go learning experience.
  • To highlight specific products or services. From detailed product demonstrations to animated hot spots, animations are a great way to showcase what you have to offer.
  • To entertain and grab attention. Fun, fast-paced, and visually-pleasing animations featuring animated characters or special effects attract attention and get visitors to take notice.

iPad® and iPhone® friendly Animations from AppleSavvy™

If you’re looking to add an animation to your website or to convert an existing one, turn to AppleSavvy™. Our iPad® and iPhone® friendly animations are highly effect+tive and work across all browsing platforms.

Contact AppleSavvy™ today to find out how we can create an animation solution that will get your entire target audience to take notice.