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Don’t Go Radio Silent, Turn to AppleSavvy™ for iPad® and iPhone® Compatible Audio

Audio can be a critical component in the success of your online platform. It may be an integral part of an online teaching or training tool, such as a narrated slide presentation, incorporated into an archived webcast, part of an interactive introduction, or even just background music to create some ambiance. Regardless of its use, if it was developed using Flash, a certain segment of your target audience will hear nothing but silence.

Like Flash banners, videos, animations, and other Flash presentations, Flash audio won’t play on Apple® mobile devices, like the iPad® and iPhone®. AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, changes all of that with conversion and development services. We help you navigate the Adobe and Apple® debate by offering advanced solutions that guarantee all users are hearing what you have to say.

Mitigate the Negative Impact of iPad® and iPhone® Incompatible Audio with AppleSavvy™

An interactive developer and full-service provider, AppleSavvy™ meets nearly all needs. In addition to converting existing websites to be iPad® and iPhone® friendly, we also offer from-scratch compatible website services and Apps development. While missing audio won’t affect your website visually as Flash videos, animations, banners, or headers do, in many cases, it does have a lasting, negative impact.

Possible situations where a lack of audio could affect the overall user experience include:

  • An eLearning presentation featuring integrated PowerPoint slides. Voiceover narration is often used as a way to supplement a slide presentation. It provides another way for visitors to learn, is particularly helpful for those who have difficulty with text-based only methods, and puts emphasis on areas of importance. The learning process is hindered if audio is missing.
  • An archived webcast presentation. Whether developed to explain a new procedure or as part of an online seminar, archived webcasts can be extremely beneficial. Without audio, viewers are missing out on key points.
  • Interactive presentation or introduction. If your website includes a unique, engaging, attention-grabbing introduction that incorporates audio developed through Flash, the overall experience will be lost on users browsing the website using the iPad® and iPhone®.

Don’t take chances, turn to AppleSavvy™ for iPad® and iPhone® friendly conversion and development services that provide excellent user experiences.

Find the Best iPad® and iPhone® Compatible Audio Solution with AppleSavvy™

From converting incredible Flash presentations to play on the be iPad® and iPhone®, to developing websites that are compatible across nearly all browsing platforms, including other Smartphones, AppleSavvy™ meets all needs. Don’t let missing audio interfere with the overall user experience, contact AppleSavvy™ to find the solution best for you.

Video captures attention and frames information in narrative, character-driven structure that helps keep viewers engaged. That’s why video-based medical eLearning platforms are an excellent way to teach complex medical topics and ensure full comprehension. DDA was one of the first digital video/animation studios in the nation, and its long history in developing video-based medical eLearning platforms has given the company the experience it takes to create powerful learning experiences that are enjoyable and lead to long-term memory retention. DDA handles everything from concept to completion, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, casting, platform design, course content integration, metrics reporting, administration features, and anything else that may be required. Make your video-based eLearning a success. Contact DDA today.

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