AppleSavvy™ Takes your Website Beyond Flash with iPad® and iPhone® Compatible Services

Whether it’s to call attention to a particular product, add some visual interest, or create an engaging presentation, Flash banners are often used as a primary focal point. If your website has a Flash banner, however, visitors browsing your website from the iPad® and iPhone® won’t be able to view it, as Flash doesn’t run on Apple® mobile devices. That’s where AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, can help.

As a full-service, interactive agency and developer, AppleSavvy™ easily converts websites using Flash to iPad® and iPhone® friendly formats. At AppleSavvy™ we offer alternative solutions that retain the user experience and provide an attractive and interactive presentation. Entertain and impress all visitors, regardless of their browsing device, by converting your website to be iPad® and iPhone® compatible.

Create an Engaging Experience with iPad® and iPhone® Friendly Solutions from AppleSavvy™

AppleSavvy™ offers conversion services, from-scratch development, and Apps development. We don’t just alter your existing Flash banner presentation so it runs on the iPad™, iPhone™, and other Smartphones, we work with you to determine a viable solution that provides the best user experience possible.

Some possible solutions include:

  • An iPad® and iPhone® friendly animated presentation, which is integrated similarly as Flash banner would be.
  • A wholly engaging HTML 5 web presentation that grabs attention and adds visual interest to your entire site.
  • Custom designed graphics that coordinate with the entire site design and serve as a focal point.

AppleSavvy™ Converts Any Type of Flash-Based Website

Flash banners are not the only concern with the iPad® and iPhone® . If your site incorporates Flash of any kind, including video, audio, headers, or any other type of Flash presentation, it will not play on the iPad® and iPhone®, which means a portion of your audience is not seeing your website has it was meant to be seen.

AppleSavvy™ offers advanced solutions for all Flash-related issues, in addition to custom developing websites that run all platforms, including Smartphones, and Apps development. Contact AppleSavvy™ today to find out how we can help you engage your website visitors and grow your business.