Get iPad® and iPhone® Compatible with AppleSavvy™

Does your website incorporate a Flash banner, video, animation, header, or another type of Flash presentation? If yes, then your website is not compatible with Apple® mobile devices. Neither the iPad® nor the iPhone® plays Flash, which means your once attention-grabbing presentation will now just be a few empty holes to many visitors. That’s not exactly the kind of representation you want on two of the most revolutionary, top-selling products from Apple®.  Need a solution fast? Turn to AppleSavvy™.

A division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, AppleSavvy™ converts Flash websites to be iPad® and iPhone® compatible. We create engaging, visually appealing, and effective solutions that will work across nearly all browsing platforms, including Smartphones. AppleSavvy™ also develops iPad® and iPhone® friendly websites from scratch, along with Apps development. Increase your compatibility with AppleSavvy™.

AppleSavvy™ Offers Optimal Flash Conversion and iPad® and iPhone® Development Services

Flash is routinely used in website development, from creating videos and animations to headers and audio. With Flash unable to play on the iPad® and iPhone®, you’re hindering the user experience and potentially keeping users from viewing important information. As a custom web developer, AppleSavvy™ easily alters any form of Flash so that it’s iPad® and iPhone® compatible.

Your website may benefit from conversion service for many reasons. There may be an interactive Flash presentation on your products page to draw more attention to what you offer, or a Flash video. Whether it’s a small piece of Flash, or something that’s integrated on every page, AppleSavvy™ has the right solution to provide an attention-grabbing and engaging experience.

With our custom website and Apps development services, AppleSavvy™ is able to create a whole new presentation from scratch. Regardless of your need or purpose, AppleSavvy™ has the Pad® and iPhone® friendly solution right for you.

Find your iPad® and iPhone® Compatibility with AppleSavvy™

If your website includes a Flash banner, video, header, or another form of Flash presentation, then it’s not compatible with the iPad® and iPhone®. By sticking to your current platform you risk losing out on a portion of your target audience.

Converting your website doesn’t have to be difficult, contact AppleSavvy™ today.