Create an iPad® and iPhone® Friendly Interactive Website with AppleSavvy™

As an interactive developer and full-service provider, AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, is experienced in providing comprehensive eLearning platforms, advanced training methods, and even virtual simulations. Our interactive websites not only provide wholly immersive and engaging experiences, they’re iPad® and iPhone® friendly.

With Adobe Flash unable to play on Apple® mobile devices, interactive presentations are often compromised.  Flash-developed animations, banners, videos, and even audio won’t display on the iPad® and iPhone®, which means for a certain segment of your target audience, it’s no longer an interactive presentation but a non-existent one. In addition to converting existing websites to be iPad® and iPhone® friendly, AppleSavvy™ builds compatible websites from scratch and offers Apps development for comprehensive platforms.

A Custom-Made App is the Perfect Solution for an Interactive Website

If you’re existing website includes a multimedia platform developed in Flash, then a custom-made App from AppleSavvy™ is the perfect solution to make it iPad® and iPhone® compatible. We take your current interactive presentation and convert it so visitors browsing your website from an iPad® and iPhone® can enjoy the experience as well.

Regardless of how complex and intricate your interactive website is, Apps development from AppleSavvy™ allows you to reach out to your target audience on all platforms.  Whether it’s educational, informative, or promotional, AppleSavvy™ helps you develop an attention-grabbing interactive presentation that’s compatible for nearly all browsing platforms, including Smartphones.

Attract Attention on the iPad® and iPhone® Too with AppleSavvy™

An interactive website is a great way to attract attention and get people to notice your company, but you don’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention. If a user is viewing your website from an iPad® and iPhone® they won’t see what you have to offer. AppleSavvy™ takes Flash banners, videos, animations, and more and creates them in a format that everyone can see. Contact AppleSavvy™ today to learn more about our conversion, development, and Apps services for the iPad® and iPhone®.