You’ve Got Flash Problems and We Have Solutions: Converting Flash Sites & Applications for iPad®, iTouch®, & iPhone® Use

There is no getting around it; Flash pervades the Internet. From flash banners and video to animations, Flash has been the web developer’s preferred medium for the implementation of web-based interactive technologies, and why not? According to a 2010 survey conducted by Milward Brown, an astounding 99 percent of Internet-enabled PCs contain the Adobe Flash Player. However, with the release of the Apple® iPad® and the ever-growing fan base of Apple® products, such as the iPhone® and iTouch®, interactive Flash features equate to nothing more than an incompatibility message for the masses that have chosen an Apple® product as their mobile device of choice. So what does this mean for the throngs of businesses and organizations showcasing Flash-based websites? Trouble. With Apple® products topping the list of handset and portable device use, and the inevitable shift of how Internet users access the Web, Flash content will remain invisible to a large segment of target audiences.

AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, holds the answer to the Apple®/Flash dilemma. With a solid understanding of iPad®-, iPhone®-, and iTouch®-approved programming languages--like HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, and Objective C--converting flash sites and interactive features for use on Apple® portable devices, like the iPad®, is our specialty.

Is your website iPad®/iPhone® friendly? AppleSavvy™, the experts in building and converting websites and applications that are compatible with and run on the iPhone®, iPad®, and iTouch®, identify common areas of Flash incompatibility.

  • Flash Banners: Animated flash banners are a common presentation tool used by web developers to attract attention and communicate expertly honed marketing messages. Strip them from your site and users are left with a drab presentation that is devoid of a strong marketing punch. Using browser detection technology, AppleSavvy™ builds iPad®-, iPhone®-, and iTouch®-compatible banner alternatives so businesses and organizations can retain their current platform but with an equally engaging format that is transmitted to web users accessing sites from an Apple® portable device.
  • Videos: From product demonstrations and online commercials to training demonstrations and service simulations, Flash video is a mainstay of website development. But with Flash out of the picture, web developers are left with no other choice but to convert or be left with unsightly holes in their overall web presentation. DDA’s AppleSavvy™ division is here to take the hassle out of your Flash video conversion woes through the offering of advanced technologies.
  • Animations: If Flash animations are a central aspect of your presentation, don’t throw in the towel but recreate with the experts of AppleSavvy™. Using Apple®-approved technologies, AppleSavvy™ delivers the same caliber of results for attention-grabbing and effective animation presentations.
  • Interactive Features: To inject interactive features into an online tool or website, Flash is often a developer’s first go to. DDA’s AppleSavvy™ division captures the same interactivity through Apple®-approved programming platforms. Specializing in applications development, AppleSavvy™ converts flash-based features into applications that run on the iPad®, iTouch®, and iPhone® Operating Systems.

To make a lasting and effective impact on your viewing audience, you leveraged the technology of Flash; now retain and maximize this benefit with the website developer capable of making your website or application iPad®, iPhone®, and iTouch® ready—AppleSavvy™.