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iPhone® & iPad® Problems & AppleSavvy™ Solutions

Growing pains often accompany the emergence of new technologies. With innovation comes the need for change. As a result, society is forced to learn and apply new and unfamiliar technologies – a process that can be at first, cumbersome and frustrating, but a necessary challenge for those looking to stay competitive in a technological arena that is constantly evolving. The prevalence of Internet-enabled mobile devices is one such example, forcing web developers, programmers, graphic designers, businesses, and marketing and advertising agencies to rethink their approach to best match the needs of a tech-savvy audience on the go.

Devices such as the iPhone® and iPad® have made it possible for individuals to stay connected regardless of location or the presence of a fixed or Wi-Fi Internet connection. Consequently, web developers must shift their focus from a desktop- and laptop-centric design philosophy to one that accommodates the needs of an ever-growing mobile audience. AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising that specializes in mobile application and web development, is here to help your business adapt to the age of mobile device technologies by identifying developmental challenges and providing cost-effective solutions.

Achieving an Interactive Impact Sans Flash: The Challenge of iPhone® & iPad® Web & Application Development

With the wide-spread popularity of Apple® mobile devices, like the iPhone®, iPad®, and iTouch®, businesses, organizations, and web developers are faced with the reality of Flash incompatibility – a reality made more problematic with the release of the iPad®. Mixing the conveniences of mobile Internet connectivity with the appeal of a large screen, sizable memory, and useful applications, the iPad® is a game changer. Unlike the iPhone®, where Internet capability serves as a secondary feature, the iPad® is a device that will contend with the desktop and laptop as the preferred method of web browsing. That said, businesses cannot afford to avoid the issue of Apple®/Flash incompatibility. Instead, address the challenge with AppleSavvy™. By applying Apple®-approved technologies, like HTML 5, CSS, and Objective-C, our professional staff of custom mobile programmers and web developers retain the user experience with Flash conversion services for a presentation that is effective and without unsightly holes.

A New Approach: Web Design & Application Development for Mobile Device Use

Navigation structures, functionality, design boundaries, and web-based features must all be looked at from a new perspective. Instead of a mouse and external keyboard, iPad® and iPhone® device users will navigate your website or application through touch. To ensure the best possible viewing outcome, AppleSavvy™ pays special attention to screen real estate and feature usability from the standpoint of a mobile device user. Though a business’s current website may prove satisfactory for standard web viewing, an iPad® or iPhone® user may come away with an experience that is not only unsatisfying, but frustrating. To present your business’s products and/or services in the best light regardless of device use, partner with AppleSavvy™, the web and application developer specializing in mobile technologies.

To learn more about the challenges of iPhone® and iPad® mobile web and application development, click on the links below or contact AppleSavvy™ today.

DDA provides award-winning custom medical eLearning design and development. DDA combines text, video, 2D and 3D animation, voice-over narration, virtual reality, testing components, certification, metrics reporting, and e-Commerce features to create rewarding, deeply engaging interactive multimedia experiences that lead to end-user comprehension and long-term memory retention. Each eLearning platform produced by DDA is housed in its own custom designed and developed learning management system (LMS), which can be infinitely scaled over time, allowing for the addition of new eLearning courses, continual updates to content, and more advanced metrics reports for greater insight into learning experiences. DDA's vertically integrated structure and collaborative work environment coordinates technical and creative capabilities for optimal results. Contact DDA and expand your understanding of what eLearning can do.

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