Stay on Top of Changing Technology with iPad® and iPhone® Website Compatibility Services from AppleSavvy™

Staying on top of the latest technology is a daunting task. Ever evolving and advancing, what’s new in the tech world one second is old hat the next. So what does that mean for the company looking to build a business or expand a client/customer base online? Especially when it comes to game changers like the announcement from Apple® that the iPad® and iPhone® won’t be Flash enabled?

Enter AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising. Our focus is on converting and designing websites so they’re iPad® and iPhone® compatible. Websites incorporating Flash – from headers to animations to full interactive applications – look distorted and/or incomplete when viewed on mobile devices from Apple®.

AppleSavvy™  makes your website whole again by converting existing sites so they’re compatible. We also build new iPhone® and iPad® friendly websites from scratch. Whether it’s a new development or conversion, AppleSavvy™ creates user experiences that are attractive, cohesive, and viewable by everyone, including on all smart phones.

Take your Website from Old to New with AppleSavvy™

The team of web development and programming professionals at AppleSavvy™ quickly and expertly transform your site from the old to the new, converting it so it’s compatible across all platforms, including the iPad® and iPhone®. Well-versed on the latest technologies, we work to make your site an engaging and attention-grabbing experience, not just functional.

From Flash banners and Flash videos to interactive games, presentations, and complex applications,  AppleSavvy™ brings back all of the functionality and capability while ensuring an effective and enjoyable user experience. Contact AppleSavvy™ to find out more.