The iPad® Changes the Game and AppleSavvy™ Helps you Win

Technology is ever-evolving, and with the popularity of mobile phones, the once-tied-to-a-desk Internet now has free reign. While Smartphones are in great use, they’re more of a truncated version of the web, so the expectations of how websites will look on a phone browser aren’t always high. A missing graphic or font error can be easily forgiven. The iPad® from Apple® changes all of that.

The iPad® displays full websites, like the standard-sized monitor, and it’s easily taken on the go. Just as mobile as a phone with the viewing window of a desktop computer, the iPad® could very well be the next generation of web browsing. There’s just one problem – it doesn’t run Flash. So if your website has a Flash banner, animation, or video, then anyone using an iPad® is seeing your website in full view, complete with all its empty holes where the Flash application should be. AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, restores your website to its full glory with Flash conversion and iPad® and iPhone® friendly development services.

Be Prepared for the Next Generation of Web Browsing with AppleSavvy™

You can try to look the other way or pass it off as fad, but at the end of the day, the iPad® still remains, and so does your Flash problems. By converting your website so it’s compatible with and runs on the iPad® and iPhone®, AppleSavvy™ allows you to easily step into the next generation of web browsing. Don’t risk losing out on potential clients because they can’t properly view your website, let AppleSavvy™ convert your Flash headers, banners, videos, and animations today.

As a web developer focused on innovation, AppleSavvy™ is always looking to the future, adapting to and creating new and greater technologies. We understand the impact the iPad® has on the digital world and how important it is to have a website that functions and displays correctly.  In addition to converting websites, AppleSavvy™ develops iPad® and iPhone® friendly websites, as well as custom Apps for more involved interactive presentations.

The iPad® changes the game. Don’t lose out, contact AppleSavvy™ today to find out how we can convert your existing website so it’s iPad® and iPhone® friendly.