AppleSavvy™ Gets you iPad® and iPhone® Ready

The world of web browsing is changing yet again. Use of the iPad® and the number of people who regularly browse the Internet using mobile devices is steadily growing. But, mobile browsing devices from Apple® – namely the iPad® and iPhone®  –  are not Flash compatible, which means if your website has a Flash banner, video, header, or animation, anyone viewing it on these devices won’t be able to see it. Is your company ready for this digital revolution?

At AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, we prepare companies for the next generation of web browsing, with iPad® and iPhone® conversion and development services. Free the boundaries of your website and let all potential clients, customers, or patients see what you have to offer in the way it was intended to be viewed.

Make the First Impression a Good One with iPad® and iPhone® Conversion Services from AppleSavvy™

Websites speak a lot about a company and organization and oftentimes serve as the first impression. If a percentage of your target audience is browsing your site using an iPad® or iPhone®, they might leave unimpressed and potentially frustrated. They could even be unable to see pertinent information; if that information is integrated into a Flash video, presentation, banner, or animation.  By converting your site so it’s iPad® and iPhone® compatible, AppleSavvy™ ensures your target audience gets the information to make the best first impression possible.

An innovative website developer, AppleSavvy™ offers Apple®-friendly development services, as well as conversion services for existing Flash banners, audio, animations, and videos. We also develop comprehensive and interactive web presentations compatible for the  iPad® and iPhone® through custom-Apps development.

Be Safe and Apple®-Ready with iPad® and iPhone® Friendly Sites from AppleSavvy™

AppleSavvy™ offers any form of conversion or development services you may need. We’ll help you to develop the best plan for ensuring your site is viewable by anyone regardless of the browsing platform they choose to use.

 If your site incorporates Flash in any form, don’t take any chances. Contact AppleSavvy™ today to find out how we can make your site iPad® and iPhone® friendly.