Be Smartphone, iPhone®, and iPad® Ready with Conversion and Development Services from AppleSavvy™

In today’s technically-savvy world, Smartphones are used for nearly every web/communication purpose, including business, social, web browsing, and even for watching videos and television.  We’ve become, on the whole, a mobile world. This presents some very important considerations, and potentially serious issues, for any company, business, or organization with a web presence. The most important of which is, what is your target audience seeing when they navigate to your website using a Smartphone, iPhone®, or iPad®?

At AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, our primary focus is in converting websites so they’re compatible with the iPhone®, iPad®, and most Smartphones, as well as custom website development and Apps development services. By converting Flash files, including animations, videos, headers, banners, and audio into a compatible format for a wide range of browsing devices, AppleSavvy™ allows you to connect with your entire target audience.

Mitigate Issues for Mobile Visitors with AppleSavvy™

Adobe Flash cannot be viewed on Apple® mobile devices, so if you’re clients, customers, or patients use an iPad®, iPhone®, or some other Smartphone, to view your website, the user experience may get lost in translation. Here are examples of some potential issues an iPad®, iPhone®, or Smartphone user in general may experience:

  • Inability to view videos. If the videos on your site were created using Flash, mobile visitors won’t be able to view them. By converting Flash videos to a compatible format, you’re making them accessible to all visitors.
  • Missing banners and introduction animations. Animated Flash banners, headers, or other Flash components that are typically an integrated part of your web experience, will disappear for any iPhone®, iPad®, and many Smartphone users, leaving empty spots on the page instead. As a full-service developer, one of our core capabilities is animation development. Now through AppleSavvy™, we provide you with a compatible animation that will run across most browsing devices, including the iPhone® and iPad®.
  • Muplite website errors. Many websites utilize more than one form of Flash, including headers, audio, video, and more. If you’re website is Flash-heavy, visitors viewing it from an iPhone®, iPad®, or another type of Smartphone will be presented with multiple problems throughout the site.

Don’t risk losing the user experience or altering the perception of your company. Restore the function of your website and enhance its brilliance with development and conversion services from AppleSavvy™.

When it Comes to Mobile Get Smart with AppleSavvy™

These days, the average consumer doesn’t make a distinction between browsing at home and browsing on the go. They expect to get the same level user experience as they would viewing your website on a desktop or laptop computer. Don’t risk losing credibility with mobile clients, patients, or customers, call AppleSavvy™ today.