Retain and Strengthen the User Experience with iPad® and iPhone® Friendly Websites from AppleSavvy™

If your website uses Flash in any way, it’s possible that right now a certain percentage of your target audience is browsing your site online and in place of your Flash banner, animation, or embedded video, they are seeing empty holes. How do you think these users now perceive your company? How many will immediately leave your site? With AppleSavvy™, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, these are questions you no longer need to ask.

Key product/service information, calls-to-action, and user experiences created in Flash, quickly vanish when users navigate to your site using an iPad® or iPhone®, both of which are not Flash enabled. AppleSavvy™ retains and strengthens the user experience and restores all that may be lost by converting existing websites so they’re compatible across all browsing platforms, including most smart phones. Custom website development and application development services from AppleSavvy™ allow you to take the user experience even further with iPad® and iPhone® friendly solutions.

Restore the Function of your Website with AppleSavvy™

To be successful, websites targeting the client, customer, or patient have to meet the user’s specific needs. So what happens if entire pieces of the site are missing? Keep the focus on your target audience with conversion services from AppleSavvy™. By converting your existing website to be iPad® and iPhone® friendly, your target audience is able to experience and navigate everything your company has to offer without any problems.

Don’t risk losing the user experience or altering the perception of your company. Restore the function of your website and enhance its brilliance with development and conversion services from AppleSavvy™.