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Go Viral with B2B Widgets and Add to Your Business’ Bottom Line

Dominate the online business-to-business (B2B) landscape with website widgets or reach out to people anywhere at any time with mobile phone widgets. Dynamic Digital Advertising Applications (DDA Apps) creates custom coding applications that allow users – whether they are vendors or partners – to download widgets quickly and easily and display them on a computer desktop, portal dashboard, personal blog, and more. With more people accessing social networks and taking advantage of web applications, this is a promotional opportunity your business can’t afford to miss.

Not sure of what type of widget would work for your business?

Every company is different, every need unique. As a result, DDA Apps does not develop template widgets, but rather works with you to create custom applications, so they are used often and shared among those in the field. A widget without purpose or interest is not going to be successful.


So, DDA Apps takes the time to understand your company and industry, and designs, programs, and implements service-oriented widgets and social applications that actually “do something” and that add to the users’ life, while they subliminally advertise your company’s products and/or services. Our widgets can be as complex as media-rich flash video widgets or as simple as single image, single purpose widgets, but all have value, and are designed with your company’s branding in mind.

Not convinced that widget marketing is right for your company?

Social media is causing B2B companies to expand their marketing strategies and to virally promote their products or services like never before. No company or industry is excluded. Widgets can move your products and informational content from your destination site to the distributed web and wireless phone network – both of which today’s customers utilize on a regular basis. One widget – whether it is a weather or calendar widget or a sports or RSS news widget – downloaded from your site and integrated into a social network ends up being viewed by the masses, and before you know it, you’ve reached more people than you ever thought possible. With B2B widgets, you don’t work for your marketing, your marketing works for you.

DDA Apps takes widget marketing a step further, and helps you manage the efforts through tracking mechanisms, like monitoring how many people download your custom web application per month. We don’t believe in just creating eye-catching widgets and custom programming web applications, we want your social marketing endeavor to be successful, so that it adds to your company’s bottom line. Embark on the social media scene with a professional widget design and development company that has your best interest at heart, contact DDA Apps.

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