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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Design

Designing the Perfect CRM Solution for You

The first step in designing the perfect customer relationship management (CRM) application for your business or organization is not high-tech programming, creative graphic artistry, or in-depth copywriting. It’s something that seems so simple, you wonder why more custom application and web programming companies don’t do it.

We listen.

At DDA Apps, we take the time to hear about everything you expect to get out of your new CRM system. Do you need a web-based sales force administration system to track customers and generate and pinpoint leads? Do you need more of an analytical approach to help analyze detailed marketing data? Do you need more of an operational CRM to help keep your busy salespeople on the same page as your marketing team?

Each of those needs could be addressed with off-the-shelf CRM software. But what if you need to answer all those questions with elements of each in one integrated piece of software? That’s where DDA Apps comes in.

Planning Your CRM Solution

From the first meeting with DDA Apps programmers and designers, you’ll know something is different. First, we will discover with you everything your custom CRM application can do to make your organization more efficient, more effective, and more profitable. Our programmers, designers, and copywriters will take detailed notes and ask all the important questions to help us make a customized CRM system that maximizes growth potential and minimizes sales and relationship management obstacles. Our experienced team of programmers, having worked on numerous CRM systems in the past, can also suggest other tools and areas that can be integrated into your application, making the finished product even more efficient and successful than you ever imagined.

Designing the Perfect Software Application for Your Business

Custom coding and hours of detailed programming are obviously at the heart of any CRM or custom online application. But your CRM software needs to be intuitive, easy to use, and visually appealing, which is where our team of copywriters and graphic designers comes in. Before one line of code is written, you will review multiple design concepts before choosing one that best suits your needs. Whether you want a certain color background, a specific layout for menus and buttons, or a seamless integration of your company’s logo and corporate identity, we will fit the system to your needs, your business, and your industry.

For more than a decade, Dynamic Digital Advertising has been working together with its customers to develop the perfect solution to any problem, whether it marketing, advertising, web site design, or custom web applications. DDA Apps extends this tradition to the production of customized CRM systems, intranet systems, widgets, online applications, and PowerPoint Generator™, a DDA Apps original and one-of-a-kind. With DDA Apps, you never have to make your business work with a pre-packaged application solution – we make those solutions work for you.

Count on DDA to make the design and development of your medical eLearning platform as easy as can be. DDA's exceptional range of creative and technical capabilities are coordinated in a highly integrated, collaborative design and development process with zero outsourcing that ensures close tracking with client expectations while maximizing workflow efficiencies. From the custom programming of the learning management system (LMS) and user dashboard, and the website or application design, to the creation of course content, DDA's award-winning approach to interactive multimedia ensures exceptional end-user experiences that lead to real results. Medical eLearning course content can be comprised of virtually any combination of video, animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, voice-over narration, text, images, and game-like interactions imaginable, making for immersive learning that captures and keeps attention, personalizes the experience, and thus maximizes comprehension. Make your eLearning project as easy as can be. Contact DDA today.

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