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Programming and Building Your CRM Solution

Once the design, look, feel, and functionality of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system meets your standards, the experienced team of programmers at DDA Apps will go to work on the complex strings of custom coding that are required for any custom web programming or online application. Our programmers have years of experience with all of the latest programming languages and with projects of all types, from custom web software and development to multiple CRM products and solutions.

Whether you’re looking for an analytical CRM, an operational CRM for marketing, sales force administration, or customer tracking, or a combination of CRM-related features, DDA Apps will create the perfect solution for your business or organization.


Speaking the Language: Because every CRM application created by DDA Apps is unique, our programmers’ go to great lengths to decide which programming language best suits your project. Our programmers have experience in every programming language, and have created applications and database systems in most.

Never Fitting the Mold: Dynamic Digital Advertising has never fit the mold of a typical advertising agency – and DDA Apps is no different. That’s because our programmers don’t use any molds or templates. They will craft your CRM application from beginning to end, utilizing previously written DDA Apps code modules, and customizing every piece to produce a functional solution that is unique to your business or organization. Instead of adjusting your business to fit pre-packaged CRM solutions, we mold a solution to fit your business.

Testing, 1-2-3: Creating strings of custom code is not the only responsibility of a thorough programmer of a professional applications development firm. Every button, link, folder, and page must be tested extensively to work out any bugs and reveal any flaws before the CRM system is released to your business or organization. Our programmers understand what an important step this is, and are able to find and fix technical glitches in advanced custom programming and coding.

DDA Apps has been creating customized online applications for more than a decade, helping businesses and organizations maximize efficiency with integrated tools that increase communication and streamline workflow from beginning to end. Whether it’s a CRM system, a customized intranet portal, multiple-platform widgets, or a DDA Apps original like our PowerPoint Generator™, DDA Apps will put the needs of your business or organization first to develop online applications, on-time, and on-budget.

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