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Scalability for Your CRM Solution

DDA Apps can design, program, install, and host DDA CRM™, customer relationship management software for your business or organization. But our role in your future doesn’t have to end there. With the scalability of CRM applications from a custom web programming and software firm like DDA Apps, your CRM software can evolve in time with your business. Whether you need a few new features added, some unnecessary modules removed, or a complete overhaul, you know the experienced custom programmers and designers at DDA Apps are only a phone call away, just as they have been since 1994.

Business is always changing. No matter what industry or field you find yourself in, change is to be expected, and in most cases, welcomed with open arms. But if your business or organization has recently made a significant investment in off-the-shelf, dedicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, that period of change can be difficult.


That’s because an off-the-shelf CRM application – whether it is an operational CRM for sales force administration and customer tracking, or an analytical web-based CRM system – can’t always adapt to changes in your business. Pre-packaged CRM software has limits and is often difficult or impossible to customize for your changing needs.


But the custom programmers from DDA Apps are always here if your CRM application needs to be tweaked or modified. With a long history of exceptional customer service and cutting edge custom programming, we can expand or modify your CRM application without the headaches of a brand new system. And it will be much more affordable than a new piece of off-the-shelf software.

At DDA Apps, we specialize in custom web programming and coding for creating online applications, including CRM products, intranet portals, widgets, and, our PowerPoint Generator™, a one-of-a-kind DDA Apps original. Contact DDA Apps today to find out how we can help your business with powerful, customized online applications, on time, and on budget.™

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