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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Solutions

With a customized solution from DDA Apps, you can have a seamless system to manage contacts, handle proposals, plan and schedule regional events, archive audio and video broadcasts, and so much more.

Why not take these apps on the go? DDA Apps can also customize these solutions to make them compatible with all Apple®, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile Smartphone devices. That way all contacts, proposals, sales and event information is at your fingertips, whether you’re in the office or on the road.

CRM Solutions for Any Application

Many CRM companies and vendors will try to pin you down and make you pick which kind of CRM product, application, or solution you need.

In today’s modular business world, the CRM software you need now is not the same one you may need in a year, and likely doesn’t fit into a category like “sales force administration,” “operational,” or “analytical.”

You may need the features of a traditional Operational CRM for your call center or direct marketing campaign, along with some traits included in Sales Force Administration systems, such as lead generation, contact management, and report generation. Or maybe you need more of an introspective approach, usually included in a traditional Analytical CRM, to better analyze your own efficiency.

That’s why a customized CRM solution from DDA Apps is most likely the best solution for your company or organization, be it large or small. Our experienced programmers will work closely with you to determine every detail of your CRM application, right down to where to put certain buttons, who can access certain areas, and what kind of training users may need to get the most of the system. We can combine the most useful features of various types of CRM systems to create a unique system that allows you to get the most out of your sales force and customer relationship management software.

A Solution for Every Problem

DDA Apps has a long history of creating mobile and online applications of every kind, from iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, Blackberry® and Windows® mobile Smartphone apps, to CRM solutions, widgets, and intranets, to DDA Apps original creations like our PowerPoint Generator. At DDA Apps, we pride ourselves in finding a solution to any and all of your problems involving online and customized applications. You tell us about your needs, and we’ll find a way to fill them. Contact us today, and put DDA Apps to work for you.

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Continuing Medical Education (CME) eLearning platforms by DDA take CME to a new level of interactivity. DDA's broad array of creative and technical competencies are deployed within a highly integrated work environment in which all platforms are designed and developed in house under one roof. This keeps workflows efficient and design and development processes consistent with client expectations, ensuring maximum value of the end result. DDA creates CME platforms with intuitive navigation and user controls, striking multimedia presentations, robust skills verification features, integrated CME accreditation, and personalized certificates of completion for positive learning experiences that deliver serious results. Advanced metrics reporting grants administrators greater insights into user experiences for continual improvement, and e-Commerce features can be integrated to facilitate sales of CME courses. Search engine optimization and marketing helps CME platforms reach their designated audiences. Contact DDA and find out how its custom CME eLearning platform design and development can make your CME course a success.

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