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Custom Designed Intranets for Businesses and Organizations

Custom Intranets from DDA Apps Put all of your Company Needs in One Place

Create a central hub for your business with a custom designed intranet. DDA Apps puts all of your corporate communication needs in one place, to keep employees on track, organized, and more efficient. Regardless of your industry, DDA Apps can work with you on creating and designing a secure intranet portal that’s perfect for your company.

Whether you’re looking for an intranet system to archive invoices, to provide employee information, discussion groups, company news, or to keep track of current clients or sales prospects, DDA Apps programmers can create the features and applications to make it happen. Staff and office intranets provide a variety of benefits and can be an effective tool in internal office communication. At DDA Apps, we implement the best practices and make the transition to intranet communication and collaboration an easy and enjoyable experience.

Stay in Control in the Building of your Intranet

We begin with one-on-one meetings with the key players in your company. Based on your needs, our custom application programmers will begin sculpting the intranet architecture, slowly adding in all of the requested features and applications, building your corporate intranet to exact specifications.

Add security levels so that different groups of employees have a different level of access, install a custom login system, choose a calendar system and a news bulletin, or even add on a custom-designed database. Whatever you need to help your business run efficiently, DDA Apps programmers can do it On Time, On Budget™.

You will have the opportunity to communicate one-on-one with the programmers assigned to your project as they create your customized intranet system. With custom web programming from DDA Apps, you know that you are getting exactly what you need for your staff and office intranet and that each component is functioning exactly as you want it. When complete, we can host your intranet as well, and of course, port this valuable new tool to Smartphone, iPad® and iPhone® mobile compatibility. Whether on a Blackberry, Android, Windows or Apple platform, your employees will have a powerful intranet capability at home, in the office, or on the go.

Custom Applications from Custom Programmers

At DDA Apps, we do not use a template for any of our custom web applications, including intranets. In every one of our custom mobile or web application development processes, our custom web programmers begin with the shell, coded in-house, and start creating and building an intranet that has the tools, dashboard, software, login features, security levels, and look you specify.

From custom web software to web development, perfect for a small or large business, our web application development process is precise and customized so it’s the perfect solution for your organization.

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DDA provides award-winning custom medical eLearning design and development. DDA combines text, video, 2D and 3D animation, voice-over narration, virtual reality, testing components, certification, metrics reporting, and e-Commerce features to create rewarding, deeply engaging interactive multimedia experiences that lead to end-user comprehension and long-term memory retention. Each eLearning platform produced by DDA is housed in its own custom designed and developed learning management system (LMS), which can be infinitely scaled over time, allowing for the addition of new eLearning courses, continual updates to content, and more advanced metrics reports for greater insight into learning experiences. DDA's vertically integrated structure and collaborative work environment coordinates technical and creative capabilities for optimal results. Contact DDA and expand your understanding of what eLearning can do.

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