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Custom Intranet Design Consultation

Take the First Step toward a Custom Intranet with a Consultation with DDA Apps

One of the first steps to developing a custom staff and employee intranet for your corporation is a consultation with DDA Apps programmers and the Project Coordinator assigned to your project. As is the case with every other division under Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), you have the opportunity to be as closely involved in the development of your intranet as you wish to be.

From the setup to implementation, you will be kept apprised of each step of the process to ensure the system is being built to your exact specifications. Each web application development is centered around our client’s needs, so that when complete, you will be able to use your company intranet for exactly what you desire, and it will operate as you envisioned, from the security levels, to the online applications and custom coding to dashboard configurations.

DDA Apps will Create the Right Design for your Custom Intranet
After the development process is nearly complete, and you have had multiple opportunities to test the functionality of your employee and staff intranet, our in-house, professional graphic designers will create a design that best captures the overall look and feel of your business, designing an intranet that is unique to your company.

As with all other processes, you have the chance for feedback and input regarding the intranet design. The designer assigned to your project will take your comments and revisions in mind, and work with you to finalize the look of your company employee and staff intranet.

DDA Apps works One-On-One to Meet your Company’s Needs
In all custom web programming projects, whether it’s web application development, custom web software for a small or large business, creating online applications, custom coding, or programming web development services, working closely with the client through all stages, is an integral part of what we do.

DDA Apps wants to build an intranet portal that implements best practices, fully meets your needs, best represents your business, and allows you to reap all the benefits of an employee or staff intranet for your office. That is why the consultation process is an important first step to creating an intranet solution for your company.

Think beyond the standard template model, and choose the tools, applications, features, like a calendar, dashboard and login components, and software that you want in your secure, corporate intranet system. DDA’s custom design completes the process. With so much attention on your wants and needs, you will know as soon as development is complete, you can use your intranet for the exact application it was intended for.

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Continuing Medical Education (CME) eLearning platforms by DDA take CME to a new level of interactivity. DDA's broad array of creative and technical competencies are deployed within a highly integrated work environment in which all platforms are designed and developed in house under one roof. This keeps workflows efficient and design and development processes consistent with client expectations, ensuring maximum value of the end result. DDA creates CME platforms with intuitive navigation and user controls, striking multimedia presentations, robust skills verification features, integrated CME accreditation, and personalized certificates of completion for positive learning experiences that deliver serious results. Advanced metrics reporting grants administrators greater insights into user experiences for continual improvement, and e-Commerce features can be integrated to facilitate sales of CME courses. Search engine optimization and marketing helps CME platforms reach their designated audiences. Contact DDA and find out how its custom CME eLearning platform design and development can make your CME course a success.

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