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Informational Widgets for Promotional Purposes

Give your customers all the information they need on a daily basis while building your brand and promoting your products or services with rich-media widgets from Dynamic Digital Advertising Applications (DDA Apps). In our fast-paced society, we want information easily and quickly accessible on the Web and on our mobile phones. We like to know the weather before we step outside, we need to know directions before we travel, we must know what’s happening in the stock market before we buy and sell, and so on and so on. Widgets are a great way to keep your customers in the know. Plan for these portable custom-programmed bundles of code in this year’s advertising budget, and see how viral marketing through an on-demand user experience helps you keep customers happy and acquire new business.

DDA Apps Builds Your Brand through Widgets

At DDA Apps, functionality of a web tool is as important as its aesthetic appearance. As a result, we design widgets and other online applications to include your logo, company colors, and appropriate branding, so every time a user views the widget, they are reminded of your company.


This works especially well with informational widgets like RSS news widgets, weather widgets, map widgets, or calendar widgets. When people view them on their computer desktop, company dashboard, or personal blog every day and often at multiple points throughout the day, they are constantly reminded of your company and your name will be the first one they think of when it comes time to invest in your products or services.


DDA Apps Sells Your Products or Services through Widgets

An appealing widget is not necessarily going to sell your products or services. It needs to both provide users with a worthwhile utility and promote your company’s offerings. Informational widgets, such as weather widgets, stock widgets, news widgets, or calendar widgets are already a great utility to end users. The creativity behind the promotional effort used to encourage users to click on and browse your website, and contact you for your product or service is the challenge. Every project is unique, and we work with you to conceptualize and implement a widget that is a strong incentive for the user to take your desired call-to-action. Whether we present your product with flash animation in a RSS news widget or showcase your services with video in a map widget, end users will know that your company offers the best in the industry.

DDA Apps Tracks Your Results

As part of our custom web application development services, we track the results of widgets to determine if this form of advertising is working to give your company a substantial return on investment. We can track everything from how many people are downloading your widgets to how many people are clicking on your widget to browse your website for the products or services you offer. Creating custom online web applications is just one of many programming development services we offer. If rich-media widgets for online website or mobile phones aren’t right for you, then read up on one or all of our available custom web software services to find an application that will improve internal communication, online function, and business promotion.

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