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Online Applications - On Time, On Budget

Small Retail Widgets for Big Return on Investment

What better way to keep your customers in the loop with current trends or latest products to hit the market, than with rich-media widgets, custom designed, developed, and programmed by Dynamic Digital Advertising Applications (DDA Apps). Online website or mobile phone widgets can be a great form of advertising to promote some of your company’s featured products or a full line.

On computer desktops, company dashboards, personal blogs, PDAs, or cell phones, loyal customers and patrons can find out about your latest product offering, click on your website to find out more information, and contact you to buy. Creating online widget applications is just one of the custom programming services offered at DDA APPS. Find out how these small bundles of portable code reap a big return for your retail business.


How Retail Widgets Tend to Live Longer than Traditional Ads

Unlike traditional ads that are often viewed once and forgotten, widgets present the opportunity for your ad to be viewed and used on a regular basis and shared with friends, colleagues, and family. Before too long, widgets are found on the desktops, dashboards, blogs, and phones of people around the corner and all over the world. And unlike banner ads that appear – whether users want them to or not – on a webpage, widgets are voluntarily downloaded after user interest is sparked.



Widgets can be as simple as an RSS news feed with the most recent information on a product launch, or as complicated as a flash video widget, highlighting the features of a product and allowing user to customize the product to their liking. For retailers with stores in multiple locations, perhaps a map widget could be developed to provide customers with directions on how to get to the store nearest them. For online or brick-and-mortar store owners that want to promote monthly, semi-annual, or annual sales, DDA Apps can create a rich-media calendar widget that grabs viewer’s attention and persuades them to purchase your merchandise.

What Makes DDA Apps Different than other Widget Companies

DDA Apps doesn’t use standard or template widgets, place your company’s name on it, and sell it to you as many other widget companies do. Instead, we work with you to conceptualize a widget unlike any other, to develop one that relates to your business and encourages people to find out more about your products. With graphic design, programming, animation, and video services all offered under one state-of-the-art roof, we can effectively take your idea, turn it into a tangible creation, and implement it for unlimited downloads and unprecedented brand exposure. Additionally, we can track how often the widget is downloaded, so you can accurately gauge its success. Our work in creating online applications is custom and uniquely yours. Whether accessed online through a website or viewed with the touch on a phone, your DDA APPs widget will be seen, used, and shared to significantly improve sales in your retail business.

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