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Archive all PowerPoint Presentations and Materials in One Location

Your business may have dozens or hundreds of employees responsible for making sales presentations, product pitches, reports, and more – most of whom have relied on PowerPoint presentations to provide visuals and information. There may be thousnds of PowerPoint presentations scattered across dozens of computers and hidden in folders that take time to find. You need a simple and efficient way to archive every presentation and make it easy for anyone to sort and find the slides they need for the next big presentation. DDA Apps has created the PowerPoint Generator™, the easy way to archive, search, and organize all your presentations from any Internet browser, anywhere in the world, while saving you valuable time and effort.

Share and Download PowerPoint Slides and Materials

The PowerPoint Generator™ is a great solution. Employees all over the office, or all over the world, use a central database to store PowerPoint presentation tools, handouts, and related information.


Best of all, you only need to use your current Internet browser to take advantage and store or access materials. With an easy-to-use interface, you can upload the latest PowerPoint presentations, granting employees access to the most up-to-date information and materials possible. Users can then reorganize materials and download fully functioning PowerPoint presentations as they see fit.


The PowerPoint Generator™ Makes Everyone an Expert

Let’s face it, no one is an expert at everything. With the PowerPoint Generator™ at your disposal the experts can easily share their knowledge and materials with others. So when the HR staff needs charts and graphs and when sales people need the latest product information, they can just login to a central database and download complete presentations. Users can search and browse to find full presentations that fit their needs. Alternatively, users are able to organize and rearrange slides to form brand new presentations, thereby creating endless presentations perfectly customized for every meeting, event, trade show, seminar, or sales call.

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