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So now you have a collection of dozens, or even hundreds, of PowerPoint Presentations created by various members of your organization or business. Each slide offers unique information and you need a simple way to find the right materials for you. Well, searching and sorting through PowerPoint slides has never been easier since the inception of DDA Apps’ PowerPoint Generator™. This complete PowerPoint organizer tool archives all available slides and information into a searchable database, allowing you to easily access and create new presentations or update old ones. Archive, search, and organize PowerPoint presentation tools with ease using DDA Apps’ PowerPoint Generator™.

Search by Keywords or Categories with the PowerPoint Generator™
The PowerPoint Generator™ offers an easy-to-use search navigation system. Simply enter a keyword phrase for any department or product in your business and view the list of results. When adding new slides to the PowerPoint customization tool you can designate specific search terms related to each specific slide.

For example, all financial slides can be given explicit keywords for users to easily find all related slides and presentations to the fourth quarter sales in a given year. Alternatively, you can separate slides into various business departments, product lines, or other organizational methods and browse by category. For instance, searching by the newest product line will yield results for all slides that are relevant to the product, giving you all the information in one easy source.

Additionally, the PowerPoint Generator™ allows existing presentations and materials to be organized and archived in one central location. You can simply archive all materials for use at a later date and search through these sources anytime, anywhere. Once downloaded, the user is ready to make a presentation and make minor updates if necessary. There is simply no easier way to find the right information and create PowerPoint Presentations with this powerful organization and search tool.

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Virtual medical simulations represent the pinnacle of medical eLearning. Combining live-action video, voice-over narration, custom 3D environments, 3D models, 2D and 3D animation, virtual reality, gamified skills testing, certification, and more, virtual medical simulations represent the core of what DDA is all about: combining creative and technical disciplines to execute robust interactive multimedia platforms with beautiful aesthetics and engaging dynamics that make for richly rewarding and memorable experiences. DDA pioneered virtual medical simulation technology, and its exceptional work in the field earned it the first issued Tabby Award for Best iPad Healthcare App in 2012, for the Philips Health XperGuide VMS. Contact DDA today to learn more about what virtual medical simulations can do for your organization.

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