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Social Network Widgets for Targeted Branding

Gain Unprecedented Exposure through Social Network Widgets

Market your company’s products or services virally through online widgets for social networking websites. Dynamic Digital Advertising Applications (DDA Apps) customizes widgets to your needs through comprehensive in-house capability that ranges from custom programming and animation to video and photography. The widgets we develop for our clients relate to their product or service, exemplify the brand in a professional manner, and provide an interactive utility to users, encouraging them to use them again and again, while sharing them with friends and family. So whether you want video game widgets for people to post on their blog, or RSS stock news widgets for people to post on their MySpace page, we do it all.

Why Widgets Work on Social Networks
Not only are people chatting with others around the corner and across the world through networks, but people are creating a presence for themselves online by developing personal profile pages, communicating their thoughts and ideas in blogs, and more.

Today, people want their own place on the Web where they can express themselves – whether it is through a unique webpage background or their favorite song that plays upon entrance to the page. Furthermore, they want to take advantage of all the technology available to them to make their lives better, to connect with others easier, and to receive information faster. By having your widget downloaded and displayed on people’s social networking sites, you are able to build your brand through consistent viral exposure and reach those most interested in your products and services.

How Tracking Widgets Justify the Means
When just one loyal customer finds your calendar, map, or weather widget on your corporate website, discovers use for it in their own life, and chooses to display it through a social network, you become connected to him or her. They will then click to visit your site, download the widget for their own purposes, investigate your company and its offerings, and the cycle continues at record pace. DDA Apps can help you measure the success of advertising with media widgets by tracking those that initiate a click-through-action to your website, recording those that take the next step to download your widget, and providing a new, revealing look at the profile of your target audience. As always, our tracking mechanisms help you determine the ROI of this form of advertising. The knowledge gained enables you to make strategic marketing decisions on future endeavors.

Penetrate your demographic and gain unlimited online exposure through social network widgets from DDA Apps. Find out how, by contacting DDA Apps today.

Mobile medical eLearning applications are powerful ways to facilitate deep learning through user engagement. DDA is an award-winning mobile medical app developer, having won two Tabby Awards for its medical iPad apps: one for Best iPad Healthcare App for the Philips XperGuide virtual medical simulation in 2012, and one for Best iPad Healthcare and Pharmaceutical App for the ETHOS Engage peer-to-peer collaboration and deep learning tool. Mobile medical eLearning applications are the perfect way to capture the attention of clinicians who are on the move, often away from their computers, but always within arm’s reach of a beloved tablet or smartphone. DDA designs and develops custom mobile medical applications from scratch to meet the specific needs of each client, using a highly integrated, iterative process that maximizes creative collaboration and efficiency. Find out how your organization can benefit from a mobile medical application. Contact DDA today.

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