DDA Medical™: Bringing the World of Medicine Together™

DDA Medical™ does what others say can’t be done. Combining state-of-the-art technologies with a professional and creative team dedicated to exploring new ways of engaging audiences, DDA Medical™ has inaugurated a new standard for innovative digital design. DDA Medical™ understands the challenges that medical organizations are faced with everyday. Whether it’s the ever-changing regulations of the medical industry, the continued adoption of new technologies and the resultant changes to medical procedures, or the development of new medicines and therapies, medical organizations know that they must employ their limited time and resources with the utmost care if they are to face the challenges ahead of them effectively. DDA Medical™ is uniquely positioned to help them do this by providing a large range of services that can be integrated to create memorable, engaging user experiences that are simply unmatched. By integrating a vast array of media and technologies—all under one roof—DDA Medical™ offers clients original websites, mobile and online applications, informative and promotional videos, eLearning platforms, procedural simulations, and more that engage users on multiple levels with a richness and detail that is unlike anything that has come before.

The comprehensive, multimedia approach of DDA Medical™ allows the company to take on virtually any project you can imagine. DDA Medical™ can custom program everything from complex medical diagnostic platforms to Personal Health Records (PHRs) with advanced patient-to-physician communication tools. DDA Medical™ is responsible for the adoption of new virtual technologies as applied to Virtual Medical Simulations (VMS). These simulations train clinicians in immersive Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) that allow for the kind of experience-based learning proven to achieve the greatest results, all while avoiding the real-world risks inherent in clinical practice.

DDA Medical™ also tailors eLearning platforms to fill a variety of needs, from Continuing Medical Education (CME) platforms that integrate critical tracking, reporting, and accreditation functions into ultra-secure databases, to platforms that help patients learn how to use a medical device or how to manage their own disease treatment, and more. DDA Medical™ uses its comprehensive expertise to develop attractive, informative videos to help introduce both patients and providers to new medical devices, products, and services. With its multidisciplinary approach, DDA Medical™ is also well-prepared to deliver some of the most original, state-of-the-art patient information and product presentation websites and online and mobile applications, being able to integrate all of its audio, video, photography, illustration, animation, programming, copywriting, and marketing skills into interactive designs that will set your organization apart.

No matter what is needed to grow your organization, DDA Medical™ has the ingenuity and expertise to make it happen. Contact us to see how DDA Medical™ can help you bring your medical training and marketing into the 21st century.