The Biggest Rank for the Buck in Internet Marketing


Recent statistics indicate that approximately 68% of the U.S. population is on the Internet, predominately using Google to search for anything and everything and Facebook to stay connected with friends and family.Your customers, colleagues, and clients are online searching for you, but are you being found? DDA SEM™ can help ensure that you are found one way or another. DDA SEM™ is a full-service division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, LLC and specializes in all forms of Internet marketing, including, but not limited to, natural (or organic) search engine optimization, Pay-per-Click campaigns, viral marketing, social media optimization, video and contextual ads, banner ads, and email marketing. The world of Internet and search engine marketing is vast and ever-changing. DDA SEM™ not only develops the tools that expose your company’s products or services to the Internet public, but as a pioneer in the field since 1996, DDA SEM™ helps you navigate through all of the possibilities to determine an approach that will have actual bottom-line success made tangible by comprehensive metrics reporting.

Rank high on today’s most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing for key terms directly related to your business, products, or services with DDA SEM™ natural (or organic) search engine optimization, Google Videos™ AdWords™, and Pay-Per-Click management programs. Target the exact demographic interested in purchasing your products or services with DDA SEM™ contextual ads and banner ads. Stay connected with your clients and customers with DDA SEM™ social media optimization. Spread your company’s message like a virus with DDA SEM™ viral marketing techniques. Send intelligent promotions that are relevant to the wants and needs of your focused demographic with DDA SEM™ email marketing. Monitor and/or repair your company’s online reputation with DDA SEM™ tracking and reputation repair strategies. Demand quantifiable results that prove the green you are spending is turning into gold, with DDA SEM™ metric reporting. All of this is possible and more, much more.

Named as one of the top ten most dependable search engine marketing firms in the United States in 2008 by Goldline Research, DDA SEM™ is credentialed and backed by years of expert experience proven effective through the definable and measurable results of our very own clients.

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