Non-Medical Apps Prove To Be Essential Tools for Physicians

It may be surprising, but “non-medical” mobile applications are becoming more important for in the medical world. Mobile apps that are not in the “medical” category of an app store are usually used by the general public for other purposes, however, when used appropriately, can be essential for physicians. Physicians and healthcare professionals are constantly on the go, and any mobile app that provides quality content and user-friendliness is an essential tool.

iMedicalApps strives to find the best medical applications for physicians and other healthcare professionals. In its long-awaited search results, iMedicalApps showed that more and more physicians and healthcare professionals are using iPhone® apps, iPad® apps, Android™ smartphone apps, and Android tablet apps that normally would not be considered for medical use. Editors at iMedicalApps are frequently asked to recommend useful mobile medical apps. Many who seek this advice are shocked to hear that a majority of the apps in the response are not strictly considered medical apps. Physicians and healthcare professionals who download the suggested “non-medical” applications are usually pleasantly surprised at how the app works in conjunction with their medical profession.[1]

Non-medical iPhone apps, iPad apps, Android smartphone apps, and Android tablet apps that have taken on the characteristics of medical mobile applications generally have common features. These non-medical mobile apps aid those in the medical profession because they are user-friendly, can be used alone without aid from other apps, and are hassle-free. The return on investment (ROI) for these mobile apps is also a key driver in why they are becoming so popular in the medical world. Easily reaching tech-savvy students, quickly posting blog posts and articles, and minimizing the need for paper documents demonstrate the high ROI in using certain non-medical mobile apps for medical purposes. Busy physicians and healthcare professionals truly benefit from non-medical mobile apps that have the ability to:

  • Provide easy access to medical articles by “pulling in” medical websites and blogs that the user follows
  • Keep track of medical notes
  • Keep track of medical files
  • Present clear information in one distinct place
  • Store workflow algorithms and PDF files
  • Take photos of important medical documents
  • Overall reduce the worry of maintaining paper documents

Those who work in a medical profession are extremely busy, and any help in achieving the goals of providing quality education to students and essential medical care to patients is greatly appreciated. Keeping track of medical notes and medical files can be stressful, and an electronic resource to do this can greatly improve healthcare efficiency by allowing physicians and healthcare professionals to have important information with them in one central location while on the go. With the popularity of iPhones, iPads, and Android devices among medical professionals, and high rates of return on investment, it only makes sense that more and more medical and non-medical mobile applications be created to facilitate efficient healthcare.

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