Election Day Live On-line

On November 6, 2012, Americans will choose who will lead the country for the next four years. As the public cast their votes, various media outlets will be tracking results and updating the public. Some viewers will tune in to their local television news stations for these updates, but many will also be able to check-in online for the results from their computers or mobile devices.

It’s estimated that “nearly 90 percent of the world will be watching live video and graphic tabulations” related to the election. [i] Election coverage is now enhanced through the use of interactive screens, video walls, and immersive graphics that news anchors can control via an iPad app. One such interactive feature includes a map of the U.S. that updates results in real-time with the help of live data feeds, allowing voters to follow along and see how their candidate is doing at the polls.

We’ve already seen video clips of the presidential conventions and debates, so those who missed the live events were able to catch up with online recaps. For some, being able to see the candidates in action is much more convincing than solely reading about their policies. In the past, television, radio, and print-based news were the only ways to learn about the presidential candidates. Those who couldn’t make the live events had limited resources to determine which candidate to choose. Now, viewers across the country and around the world have access to these live events, and therefore, can make a more educated decision based on what they see and hear in addition to what they may read.

Vote for Video Production

Taking this shift of media coverage into consideration, it’s only natural to want to take advantage of the rise in popularity of online video streaming. When you have something you want to share with a large audience, why not produce a video for use online to reach a global audience?

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Photo credit: Microsoft Office Clip Art