Get Compatible with DDA

Just like the Internet and the cell phone, mobile web browsing is growing and will soon, in my opinion, take over. More and more people have Smartphones of some brand or another and are using them more frequently. There was a grace period, which to some extent is still ongoing, where people kind of expected their portable device wouldn’t be as good a platform as their desktop or laptop computer, but with advancing technology, like the iPad and 4G iPhone, that mentality is quickly waning. The problem is, for how advanced technology is, there is still a lot of incompatibility. Flash won’t run on the iPhone and iPad and highly interactive sites with embedded video have major problems on Smartphones.

There’s a disconnect between a phone’s ability and a website’s view-ability. Luckily, DDA is there to fill the gap. Like our other innovations, we anticipated that mobile web browsing would take over and took action. One look at DDA Firsts and it’s apparent that we don’t just sit still when there’s a pressing need. Our newest division AppleSavvy offers Flash conversion, iPad and iPhone friendly development, and Apps development services, so you can create a seamless and engaging web experience for all visitors, regardless of how they’re viewing your site.

The best part is, DDA’s full range of services — video production, website design and development, animation, and even virtual medical simulations — are all possible in the portable and non-portable formats so you don’t have to forgo fun, interactive, and compelling web experiences for compatibility. With DDA, you get the best of both worlds.

It won’t be long before the general public becomes outright frustrated at the inability for a website to function correctly on their Smartphone and by that point it will be too late; contact DDA today to find out how you can get fun interactive marketing and advertising services for the corporate and medical industries that go from your home to the road without missing a beat.