Get Involved with Interactive Videos

Why just watch a video, when you can interact with one? Choose the path a character must take, change the outcome, answer questions and get results; these are all examples of how videos are now becoming more interactive, and it’s only the beginning. With the rise in social media, sharing these interactive videos, through sites like YouTube and Facebook, is easier than ever, making the video sharing process just as interactive.

Whether you’re making a video for fun or function, adding an interactive feature will make it more fun and functional. Allowing viewers to become involved in the process will get them more invested in the project. An interactive video can help teach, train, and entertain. Want to learn a new skill or prepare for a real-life scenario? Use an interactive video to see and hear what to expect. Want to leave a lasting impression on your viewer in the hopes they’ll be a return viewer and potential customer? Give them something to connect with. People feel empowered when they are in control of something. Put them in control of your video with interactive features and they may just feel empowered to spread the word about your video and company.

How to Make a Video Interactive

Adding interactive features to a video may require more steps than simply pointing and shooting with a camera. If you choose to add clickable interactive features, you need to program your video to react accordingly to a user’s click. When utilizing a question and answer feature in your interactive video, you need to be sure each possible answer is covered. Think about providing additional information when giving a correct answer, whether this is in text or video form.

Professional video production services may be your best option to create an interactive video that’s professional and works exactly as you want. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) has produced interactive videos for a variety of clients. These videos have been used to educate and train as well as purely entertain various audiences on a multitude of topics. With a staff of degreed writers, designers, videographers, and programmers, DDA can deliver a custom interactive video that will connect with a target audience. Contact DDA to learn more.


Photo Credit: Microsoft Office Clipart