Interactive Gaming in Your Living Room

In the last year or two, the term “Interactive Gaming” immediately brings the Nintendo Wii to mind. While other gaming systems relied on similar controllers with buttons and joysticks, Nintendo changed everything by getting gamers up off the couch to mimic the actions needed in the game.

From the moment the Wii was released, the most obvious game type for it seemed to be the sport of golf. The controller could easily be held similiarly to a golf club, and the golf swing is a relatively simple movement. The first Wii sports pack included a basic golf game, and Tiger Woods 2009 amped that up to a new level.

But after seeing commercials for the new verision of that game — Tiger Woods ’10 — the notion of interactive gaming has taken on a new meaning. Users of this game can purchase a small accessory that plugs into the bottom of an existing Wii controller and makes it much more sensitive and similar to a real golf club. The Wii can now tell if you’re slicing your shots to the right, hooking them to the left, or twisting your wrists as you swing. As an avid golfer, I might have to invest in this just so I can practice my real swing.

But “interactive games” means more than just the Wii. At DDA, we have been pioneering interactive media, marketing, and advertising for years. Our programmers, animators, graphic designers, and other specialists can work with you to create a customized interactive game that best serves your marketing and advertising needs. DDA is always pushing the creative envelope, especially when it comes to interactive marketing — such as interactive media, interactive video, interactive websites, and interactive games. Contact us today and get started on a completely interactive game that fits your needs.