Marketing 101

We have the greatest little stand in our neighborhood that has been selling organic veggies this summer. It is really different in ownership, marketing and distribution then anything we have ever seen.

Driving by the farm house a few weeks ago we noticed a small desk-like table near the road with hand written signs all over it and a few of each of 4 or 5 different types of vegetables. Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, scallions, some squash. Not a big selection but the hand written signs let everyone know that everything was organic, very fresh and only 25 cents per piece. In the case of cherry tomatoes it was only 25 cents for a whole bag of the delicious little morsels. We felt guilty so we always leave extra cash.

One day the following week we stopped when the owners were at the stand and learned that while the Mother was helping, it was really owned and operated in the true sense of a small business entity by a young boy and girl around the age of 7 to 8. They explained that they were going to Disney World and the money from everything they grew themselves, and sold themselves, was going to be their spending money for the trip.

How wonderful. In one exercise the young kids were learning the virtues of hard work and thriftiness and the value of excellent marketing and promotion.

This weekend a new item was added to their distribution system and their marketing swung into action. We stopped to see what was available, as we always do. There, proudly displayed and featured was a small, oddly shaped watermelon. The sign stated:


We were so impressed, not with the watermelon, but with the near perfect marketing, branding, distribution, retail display and signage.

They’re going to Disney World!