Peer-to-Peer Networking Makes Meetings More Appealing

Long are the days of sitting in all-day seminars staring at a slideshow, twiddling your thumbs, wondering if you can get coffee soon.  Peer-to-peer networking allows companies to make their meetings more interactive and personalized to their audience.  Hybrid meetings allow people to use their laptops or tablets to become a participant, not just a silent observer.

Features such as note-taking and highlighting can allow the participant to become more engaged and allows them to review their notes at a later time.  Links can be accessed within the mobile application, which leads to less disruption of the meeting’s flow.  The participants can answer questions based on their opinions on certain relevant topics.  With this information, the presenter can open the floor to discussion, or tailor the flow of their meeting based on its outcome.

Peer-to-peer networks can allow remote users to become part of the action.  With the use of the mobile app, someone in Manhattan can see what’s taking place in a meeting in San Francisco.  They can still interact with the presenter, take notes, and make comments.

Virtual conferences along with a live meeting aspect can be a green alternative to having people travel cross-country to attend a conference.  Companies have the opportunity to save money on travel, hotels, and other amenities, but they still have the remote participant’s presence thanks to the mobile app, a webcam, or a combination of both.

To create a meeting with a peer-to-peer network, you will need a Wi-Fi network to allow participants to access it on their device, whatever it may be.  The network facilitates in the sharing of information, whether they are across the room or across the country.

Mobile applications can be created to accommodate the type of meeting you would like to hold.  These live meeting tools can be made compatible for laptops, iPads, Android tablets, and other smartphones.

Although nothing can ever replace the power of face-to-face interaction, peer-to-peer networking gives us the next best thing.  It allows meetings to be more interesting as well as convenient.

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