Why New Products Need a New App

When marketing a new product in the age of social media and mobile compatibility, advertising campaigns need to be more interactive. The launch of a new product could spawn its own Facebook page, Twitter feed, Pinterest board, etc. Word of mouth now also includes Word of FB status, and advertisers who can update it the fastest (anytime from anywhere) may gain an advantage over the competition.

Adding interactivity to a product launch strategy allows customers and sales representatives to connect with that product in ways they never could before. Some product launches come with their own related mobile application. For instance, the upcoming release of a new movie may be the inspiration for a related storybook, game, or coupon app. Of course, this is all available via a mobile phone to users everywhere; thereby sparking interest in the movie before it’s released in the hopes of drawing in more customers.

A new line of products may also benefit from a mobile product guide. What better way to learn about a new product than by using a mobile device to scan a QR code on the product packaging and learning about its benefits then and there. Some of these benefits may be revealed through a short mobile video about the product, showing it in use, and quickly detailing why it may be better than the competition. The real benefit may be including a link to purchase the product at a discount right from mobile friendly shopping cart through your phone.

Who says consumers should have all the fun with product launch mobile apps? Sales representatives can also use product apps to learn more about what they’re selling, in turn, helping them sell. Read on to learn more about the advantages of product mobile apps for customers and sales.

Product Apps for Consumers

Consumers want to be wowed. Wow, that’s exactly what I need! Wow, that’s a neat gadget. Wow, that’s a great deal! Mobile apps can be used as new product advertising, training, and/or added features to the product. A consumer-based product app needs to showcase the product features in a unique way, providing more of a visually stimulating and emotional appeal to draw customers in. Then, the sales reps take over.

Product Apps for Sales Reps

In order to successfully sell a new product, sales representatives need all up-to-date product information at the ready. They need to be well informed so they can focus their energy on persuading customers to buy. Sales-based mobile product apps would be even more powerful with the ability to communicate with product experts quickly, in case any unforeseeable questions arise. These apps should also be scalable so that the same format can be used with future new products being sold without having to program a brand new app.

Mobile Application Developers

Have an idea for a product launch app, but don’t know where to start? It’s best to leave the programming of such an app to the professionals. A mobile application company can develop an app based on a new product and include any product information available. A mobile compatible shopping cart can also be integrated into the app for easy ordering. Videos, animation, and a mobile friendly design can all be combined to provide a company with a valuable consumer and sales tool. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is a mobile application developer that has all areas of mobile application development covered, in-house. From design to connectivity administration, DDA’s designers, programmers, writers, and mobile app specialists work together to ensure a mobile app is efficient so your new product launch can be effective.


Photo Credit: Microsoft Office Clipart