Forget Baby Books: Apps Guide Women Through Pregnancy

It’s hard for women to know exactly what to expect when they’re expecting. It’s one of the most exciting, yet most stressful, times in a woman’s life. The human body goes through countless changes during the time it develops another human being, which can be overwhelming to think about. Tech-savvy pregnant women are turning to their cell phones for help through the process. However, they aren’t calling their OB/GYN or a friend; they’re using pregnancy apps.

Millions of women are turning to mobile medical applications for help with conception. With the use of applications that track the entire menstrual cycle on the rise, it’s no surprise many women follow suit with a pregnancy app after conception. Pregnancy apps provide a convenient and all-inclusive way for women to track or learn about virtually any aspect of pregnancy.

With a variety of customizable pregnancy-related mobile apps to choose from, women can undoubtedly find a mobile app that is fitting for them. Moreover, the potential capabilities of pregnancy apps are endless. Women can calculate their due date, track fetal kicks, track time lapses between contractions, and monitor their “baby bump” growth. Additionally, pregnancy apps can provide resources for expectant mothers who want to make sure they stay fit and healthy. Lists of foods to avoid or questions to ask the OB/GYN at each appointment are offered in many pregnancy apps. Also, tips and articles pertaining to certain trimesters are commonly found in pregnancy apps.

If an expectant mother prefers visuals, some pregnancy mobile applications come with 3D imaging capabilities. The 3D images can show fetal development or the changes that are taking place to the mother’s body. Diagrams are very useful because they can help a pregnant woman see her progress throughout the pregnancy. Illustrations are commonly used to help a woman visualize the physical changes happening inside her body that can’t be seen in the mirror.

With all the change that happens during a pregnancy, it’s nice to have a heads up about what’s coming next. iPhone® apps, iPad® apps, Android™ tablet apps, and Android™ smartphone apps that allow a pregnant woman to track symptoms are very beneficial because women can determine patterns. Furthermore, some pregnancy apps inform expectant mothers of what symptoms to expect at each stage in the pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not only a challenge for the body; it can be an emotional challenge as well. Along with offering the above-mentioned features, one pregnancy app feature that can be very helpful is a message board to sustain dialog within an online community. Such message boards allow pregnant women to share stories, compare progress, and offer encouragement to one another.

Companies and organizations that wish to create medical apps targeted toward pregnant women will see a very high return on investment as these apps are becoming very popular. Research shows that 47 percent of mobile subscribers in the 3G and 4G networks using one or more health apps are using a pregnancy app.[1] Contacting a universal app developer is the first step in creating a state-of-the-art mobile medical application that will benefit pregnant women. DDA Apps™, a full-service division of Dynamic Digital Advertising, LLC, is a universal developer that has a history of creating apps for various platforms for medical clients. With a professional team of videographers, programmers, animators, illustrators, graphic designers, copywriters, and photographers, DDA Apps is the perfect choice for creating a functional and informative pregnancy app. For more information on creating a pregnancy app, or any medical app for any device, contact DDA Apps today.

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