Keep Medical Financial Transactions Organized with Mobile Apps

Public transparency regarding financial transactions in the healthcare industry has been encouraged by the Physician Payments Sunshine Act, also known as the OPEN PAYMENTS program. Under this act, hospitals, drug and device manufacturers, and other healthcare businesses are required to report financial transactions. Mobile apps can be helpful to doctors and healthcare industry users who want to make financial transaction reporting easy because the apps allow fast and accurate information storage. While the apps cannot be used to report any information, they are helpful in tracking received payment information that is required to be made publicly available on the OPEN PAYMENTS website.[1] Medical financial tracking apps offer an innovative and convenient way for doctors and those in the healthcare industry to accurately and securely track financial ties and transactions.

Medical applications with tracking capabilities are not only useful for aid in government reporting, but are also useful in keeping up-to-date payment tracking records in clinical settings in order to provide more efficient payment services to patients. Mobile apps featuring 24-hour payment and financial tracking capabilities provide high return on investment (ROI) for the user because they can easily keep accurate and up-to-date information electronically stored on a mobile device for easy access. Keeping track of money spent and earned is crucial for doctors and healthcare industry workers who manage busy practices with a lot of patients. iPhone® apps, iPad® apps, Android™ tablet apps, and Android™ smartphone apps that feature financial tracking offer organization, convenience, and high ROIs because of the ability to categorize transactions and set up budgets. Some features of financial tracking mobile medical apps include:

  • The ability to track payments and monetary transfers as they occur
  • The ability to transfer information regarding important transactions
  • The ability to store personal contact information that pertains to transactions
  • The ability to track information and data 24-hours

Organization is key for doctors and healthcare professionals, especially when it comes to payment tracking. With categorization and accurate budgeting made easy, medical applications that focus on financial tracking can optimize healthcare by allowing doctors and healthcare industry workers to spend more time on patient care and less time worrying about finances. Thanks to encouragement for transparency in medical financial transactions from the Affordable Care Act, tools used to facilitate reporting of financial information can be highly beneficial when used on a day-to-day basis in a clinical setting, simplifying regulatory compliance while also enhancing cash flow management

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