Kick Your ROI into High Gear with Mobile Business Apps

The ubiquity of mobile devices like the Apple iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ smartphones and tablets, is simply undeniable. Mobile-equipped consumers are increasingly bringing their mobile devices on the job, empowering them with information, communication, and data processing from just about anywhere. Consumers are benefitting from the increased use of smartphones and tablets with Apple and Android apps that help them find the item they want at the price they want. Businesses are benefitting by creating apps for these consumers which encourage increasing brand loyalty and repeat business. Businesses also benefit as their workforce becomes more mobile and therefore more dynamic than ever before.

Mobile Business Applications for Workers

The range of potential business apps that can offer a substantial return on investment is quite broad, including the following:

Business Sales Apps

  • product demonstration apps
  • pricing apps
  • order placement apps
  • lead management/new business acquisition apps
  • customer relationship management apps

Business Productivity Apps

  • intranets and other collaboration apps
  • business training apps
  • business intelligence management apps
  • measurement and reporting tools
  • engineering and testing apps

Each of these mobile business applications can be further empowered through the judicious use of enterprise cloud computing tailored to the mobile devices of your workforce. Businesses could choose to develop hybrid mobile apps which utilize online web apps that interact with cloud-based servers. Such mobile cloud computing apps would leverage the greater computing speeds and database provisioning found in the cloud to provide quick data processing that could not otherwise be matched by small mobile devices, or even some laptops and desktops for that matter. This allows you to deploy complex data processing in the field so that your mobile sales force can continually update the company with new business intelligence in real time, without having to wait for the next time they will be able to sit down to a laptop or desktop. In the business world, where timing can make all the difference, such increased capability cannot be overrated.

Mobile Business Applications for Consumers

There are also a variety of mobile apps that businesses can deploy for use by their customers. Of course, mobile hybrid eCommerce apps may be the most obvious. By offering an easy-to-use app to facilitate purchases online, businesses can increase customer loyalty. This is further enhanced through the judicious use of tracking components that can help businesses offer specials and discounts targeted to each individual customer. However, businesses can take such applications even further. For example, fast-food apps can utilize GPS technology in order to track a delivery in real-time. Some retailers have taken their eCommerce apps a step further by allowing customers to place an order for pickup at a specified time. This feature can be particularly beneficial for gardening supply stores and home furnishings dealers, as it grants the workers some time to coordinate large purchases that may require both heavy lifting and time. The possibilities for increasing the number of value-added services to your business’ offerings are nearly endless.

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