Optimize Your Workflow with Mobile Business Apps

The ubiquity of mobile apps is obvious. More and more Americans have smartphones and other mobile computing devices, ranging from Apple’s iPhone® and iPad®, to the Android™ smartphone and tablet. The generation known as the Millennials has practically grown up with them, and now that they are starting their careers, these younger workers expect to be able to use their devices to get things done in the office. Mobile business apps, including sales and productivity apps and intranets, are all increasing their usefulness on the job with advances in technology such as enterprise cloud computing. Now, employees can access important business intelligence and contribute to such data no matter where they are, no matter what time it is. The potential return on investment climbs higher and higher, as workflows can be integrated within a broader mobile business strategy.

How Do You Like It: Native, Hybrid, or Pure-Bred Web?

One of the most critical questions to consider when developing a mobile app for your business is the way in which you would like to see that app delivered. Although many users are most comfortable with native apps, each designed for the specific device that they are to be used on, this approach is not always the best way to go. With the development of the HTML5 programming language for the World Wide Web, more and more features of the online experience can be optimized for small, touch-screen portable devices like the iPhone and Android smartphones. This is because HTML5 was designed from the ground up to work seamlessly on as many mobile platforms and web browsers as possible. Programming an online business application in HTML5 offers numerous advantages, including:

  • more talent available for coding in HTML5
  • immediate global updates and complete distribution control
  • reduced development costs for multiple platforms

It is this final advantage that truly distinguishes HTML5 as the better option for many businesses. Developing software and keeping it up to date is a challenge for IT departments everywhere, who frequently are plagued by limited resources. Adding in the costs of programming the app for the various platforms that may be employed in a given business will only increase the strain that these departments feel already. Online business apps programmed in HTML5 are increasing in capability, offering value to businesses both large and small.  Still, native apps designed for specific devices still offer plenty of advantages over HTML5-encoded online mobile business apps, including:

  • rich user experiences, including access to device hardware like cameras, microphones, etc.
  • access to advanced security features and encryption
  • familiar distribution channels that can easily monetize such applications

Businesses that issue their own mobile devices for workers, such as those with in-the-field salespeople, may not be deterred from native apps by the issue of cross-platform compatibility. However, those more familiar to dealing with the BYOD (bring your own device) crowd have more than enough reason to consider alternatives. HTML5 represents a wonderful new way to bring information processing capabilities to your workers’ fingertips, no matter where you are. Furthermore, widespread knowledge of the language and the ease with which such mobile applications can be updated on a regular basis makes the solution attractive to those businesses that have precious few IT resources to spare.

DDA Apps has been building a wide variety of mobile and online apps since its inception. Whether you’re looking to develop a true native app for a specific device or devices, a mobile-optimized online app, or a hybrid mobile business app to combine some of the best features of each, look no further. DDA Apps has a creative, dynamic team that can take on virtually anything you can imagine. With a staff including writers, graphic designers, illustrators, animators, 3D specialists, programmers, interactivity specialists, and more, DDA has everything it needs to get the work done—all under one roof. Find out for yourself what a mobile business app can do for your company: contact DDA today.

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