Preparing for the New Mobile Workforce of the Future

Business applications customized for tablet devices like the Apple iPad and various Android tablets are multiplying precipitously as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend continues accelerate. A recent survey found that two thirds of employees are now using two or more mobile devices at work each day, with a surprising 16% claiming to use up to four screened devices during their regular work.[i] Another one eighth of workers say they use an Apple iPad at work on a daily basis.[ii] Although these devices, whether they are tablet computers or smartphones, offer a degree of flexibility in collaboration and a phenomenal degree of portability, they are rarely integrated into a given business’s overall IT strategy. There is little wonder why this is; 70% of those workers that bring their own devices do so without clearance from their IT department.[iii] For this reason, security is becoming an increasing concern among businesses, with nearly half of those surveyed saying that improving mobile device and app security will be high priority in the next year, with another fifth of respondents saying that it would be critical.[iv]

Mobile Apps on the Job

Despite all the potential pitfalls that the use of mobile devices such as touch-screen tablets and smartphones represent to businesses, employers still recognize the valuable role that such technologies will play to the future of their business strategies. In a recent survey of businesses and organizations, 92% of respondents recognized that the use of mobile apps puts them at a competitive advantage, with roughly half using these apps to interact with either employees or customers.[v] Still, other problems persist; concerns about the ability to securely transfer sensitive business information has led many firms to delay committing to a formal mobility strategy,[vi] which is particularly threatening as most of these firms already have a majority of their workers using mobile devices on the job. For businesses to compete effectively, they will need to come to terms with the new mobile workforce and set effective strategies in place to empower tablet- and smartphone-equipped workers, not pretend them away.

Putting Together Your Enterprise Mobility Solution

Once a business has come to terms with the new IT issues arising from the BYOD trend, they will need to focus on a number of factors to put together an enterprise mobility solution that can offer a real ROI to the company. Companies will need to consider the following factors as they plan for an increasingly mobile workforce:

  • the appropriate scope of capabilities that need to be accessible via mobile devices, both currently and into the foreseeable future
  • the applications that are currently in use by employees, and those that will be in the future
  • the management of network access for numerous mobile devices
  • the locations at which the mobile devices are and will be deployed
  • the technological profiles of the mobile devices being used by employees
  • the types of users that are employing mobile devices in their work in the organization

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