Superior Mobile Strategies for the Savvy Restaurateur

No restaurant owner needs to be informed of just how strenuous the job of managing a food outlet can be. Historically, opening up a new restaurant has proven to be one of the riskiest business ventures, yet it can also be the most rewarding. Today’s successful restaurateur needs everything at his or her disposal to compete in a crowded market and make have the business succeed. One of the best methods you may have at your disposal is the deployment of mobile-compatible restaurant web apps.

Even a quick review of customer behavior in these regards will reveal the tremendous potential for return on investment that developing a mobile restaurant application or website can lead to. Among all mobile device users, a full 90% of those using their browsing capabilities to search for a website will become a customer by the end of the day.[i] Factoring out tablet users reveals an even more enticing statistic: a full 64% of smartphone users who search for a restaurant online will become customers within an hour of their search.[ii] This, combined with the fact that a full 60% of consumers who found a restaurant through a search online had no specific destination in mind, spells out huge potentials for the industry. Making sure that your restaurant not only has a presence online but has the search engine marketing strategies in place to direct substantial traffic to your website will play a big key into grabbing these consumers.

Engage Customers Head-On and Stand Apart from the Herd

Although having a simple mobile search engine optimized website may seem like the only thing you need to engage your clients effectively through their mobile devices, your business application strategy should be much more comprehensive. Developing a downloadable or online mobile application can also ensure a greater degree of loyalty among your consumers. Tablets in particular can be promising in this regard, as they can offer more interactivity than would otherwise be available on the small screen sizes of a traditional smartphone. One pizza chain, for example, developed a fun game in which a customer could virtually create their own pizza.[iii] The possibilities aren’t restricted to just games, however.

Downloadable and online restaurant applications can improve the processes involved in customer service. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps are particularly appealing to delivery and take-out food establishments, as they can go a long way to reducing the confusion over order specifications that sometimes occurs across telephone lines while also freeing up some labor to focus on food production. CRM software applications can also be used in tandem with the GPS capabilities of various mobile devices to track an order for your customers as it’s being delivered, providing a real time look of your restaurant’s delivery service in action. Fine dining establishments would benefit enormously from establishing mobile-optimized CRM software to handle reservations, offering particular perks to loyal customers, or offering deals on the fly during low-volume days and time periods.

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