24-hour news meets 10 hour day

In the world of the 24-hour news cycle, we still don’t seem to be in information overload. It’s just the same stories being shown over and over again until something even more exciting shows up.  It seems to be the case these days that the last big thing has to out-trump the last big thing before that, otherwise it gets no media coverage.  It’s really our fault, as consumers.  If we weren’t buying millions of copies of Michael Jackson’s music (be it CD or digital download) we probably wouldn’t have a solid week’s worth of nothing but MJ specials.  Maybe after today’s memorial it will be over and we can get back to the next political scandal and go back to being excited about the Harry Potter opening or the fact that they’re re-releasing Monkey Island as a High Definition special edition!

In the meantime, Coldfusion continues to reign my world.  I am currently moving an old application into a new one, which is requiring quite a bit of recoding and testing.  When going from one standard security system to a custom one, as well as moving from application.cfm to application.cfc, it’s not always as easy as it sounds.  Each has their bright spots, but I much prefer the clean style of application.cfc.  Of course this also renders certain ‘cheats’ unavailable.  We can’t just add variables to the page in the application scope any longer, at least not without potentially losing them during certain types of calls.  So there’s reworking of variables and lots of search and replace to insure everything’s getting picked up in the request scope rather than just as page variables.  Fun fun fun.  This is the reason why most developers don’t want to go back to their old code, it’s impossible to work with after coding styles have changed.