eBook eLearning

There was an article I found that said that Amazon.com sold more eBooks this Christmas than regular books.  I will probably be one of those people soon, seeing as I got a Kindle for Christmas.  Talk about eLearning!  There’s something really cool about it, though I’ll miss the feeling of paper a little bit, it gives me plenty of new opportunity for reading.  I just have to learn to remember to take the thing with me everywhere, especially since it has some really cool features, like Whispernet and the experimental browser.

Several times this weekend we were out and about and I thought ‘I wish I had my Kindle with me’.    The neatest thing about it in terms of tech though is the actual electronic paper.  It takes very little power to actually display a page.  I could read an eBook for 14 days straight without having to recharge if I turned off the energy consuming wireless connection.  My plan is to stuff a few PDF files about Flash on there and learn about ActionScript whenever I have a free moment.  It will be interesting to get in some eBook medical eLearning for our upcoming healthcare IT projects.