What Matters

Yesterday was a day of industry and political leaders making big speeches about the future.  One about an old product made new, the other about an old system now broken.  The first big thing was of course the new iPad announcement.  I guess I’m not impressed by an iTouch the size of a sheet of paper.  I was impressed however about the speech given by the POTUS.  Now that’s not to say that I believe anything will change, but it was about what we wanted to hear, the same thing that made us vote him into office.    So as we sit and wait to see what happens with healthcare reform, financial reform and just hope for some sort of good bipartisan workmanship (why yes, people on both sides of the aisle have good ideas) we continue to live and hope that we still have work and health insurance.  It seems so simple there.

I woke up to snow this morning, as did a few of my colleagues.  My snow was slick and nasty, but I could get to work (though I nearly hit a big yellow bus while sliding around my street corner).  The majority of the DDA folks saw not a single flake, even ones that live closer to me.  It was a sort of surreal drive in this morning, from one point crawling along at 10 mph because the roads were so bad to all of a sudden, clear roads and just some wet spots from the snow melting and falling off cars.  So now that everyone’s ashore that’s going ashore, we begin our day again. I continue to work on producing a flash video for one of our medical clients, hoping to get it done today.  It’s been a slow process, just like this morning’s drive in, but I’m getting a few things accomplished here and there, and it’s starting to work and look like it’s supposed to, and that’s what matters.